A chance to feel closer to Bangladesh’s traditional cloth “Kanta”

Traditional Bangladesh cloth "Kanta"

“amAra” draws out the charm of Kanta more and has many people know Kanta regardless of gender or age.
We offer items that you can feel close to.

About ”amAra”

Become one "ring"

The distribution of Kanta will lead to the independence support of the women in the village that produces it, and lead to the succession of the highly acclaimed sashiko technique.

The only one in the world,
A cloth with a high rarity value made by hand embroidery

Kanta has long been popular as a bride’s accessory, and is a traditional cloth with a high rarity value that is unique as it is made by stacking several layers of recycled sari and hand-sewing sashiko embroidery from the top, one stitch at a time.

"amAre" Story

Bangladesh was the country that inspired me to launch another brand “toU”.

Mr. Anisur from Bangladesh, who has been indebted to us as a business partner since that time, has a workshop in the village, and kanta was made there.

I visited the village several times and saw and touched how kanta was actually made up close, and was immediately drawn into the charm of kanta.

However, the current situation at that time is that many kanta are sleeping as inventory without being exposed to the public.

However, in order to keep women out, we continued to produce kantha, and the stock continued to increase, creating a truly vicious cycle.

Seeing that, I wondered if there was anything I could do… and the brand “amAra” was born.

“amAra” means “we” in Bengali.
May all people be able to wear it and be happy with everyone involved… And everyone will be in one circle regardless of nationality or race…
It’s with my whole heart.


Feel gorgeous just by owning it

Kanta features original colors and patterns from Bangladesh, and looks like a painting.

By making the pattern and colorful Kanta an item that is easy to use on a daily basis, we are conscious of creating an item that raises the tension just by holding it and makes the heart excited.

Kanta Pocket Style Long T-sh

Kanta Parker

Item Lineup

Drawstring bag




Cushion Cover series

Recently, "amAra" is also involved in the interior design of lodging facilities.

I was in charge of the interior design of MT.FUJI CAMP RESORT’s glamping facility.

The message for all of you

I hope that through “amAra”, people will be able to connect with Bangladesh and Japan, and that their lives will become more colorful.

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