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About OMOTENASHI Selection

Bringing Japanese hospitality to the world's "OMOTENASHI brand"

OMOTENASHI Selection is a collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We started the award in 2015 with the desire to share these amazing products with the rest of the world.

This is a project that discovers people and companies that practice Japan’s world-class “hospitality”, as well as products and services born from their hearts, and continuously disseminates them both domestically and internationally.

The purpose of OMOTENASHI NIPPON is to spread awareness of the wonderfulness of Japanese products and services to people in and outside of Japan, starting with Japanese hospitality.

Brand list


The “YUGAHU STAMP” from INKANNONISHINOONLINEKOUBOU Co., Ltd. was named after the ancient Okinawan saying “Yugahu,” which means “wishing for happiness and wonderful things in the world.” Through this stamp, they imbue wishes of abundance and prosperity, hoping for happiness to come to those who use it. Crafted meticulously by Kyoto seal engraver Seiichi Inokuchi, each stamp is handmade, ensuring that customers receive a unique and exceptional product. Skilled artisans ensure that the stamps produce beautiful impressions when used. The birth of the “YUGAHU STAMP” was inspired by a special encounter between Seiichi Inokuchi and the calligraphy artist Zenryu Shoroman, whom he met by chance on the Okumagari coast in northern Okinawa. Zenryu Shoroman, known for his unique calligraphy style and vibrant colors, specially designed the font for this stamp, resembling an artwork. Unlike mass-produced stamps, the “YUGAHU STAMP” offers individualized impressions, adding a new dimension to the world of seals. It’s believed that stamps used for asset management and significant decisions should have distinctive impressions. Unlike machine-made stamps, the beauty of this stamp shines through even during stamping. INKANNONISHINOONLINEKOUBOU Co., Ltd. aims to bring happiness and prosperity to users through this special stamp.


RE:WOOD ″NAJIMU″ is a tumbler made using Biwa Lake cypress, crafted from a single solid wood piece, each with a unique grain pattern, creating a distinctive product. The tumbler’s rim is delicately finished for a smooth mouthfeel, with artisans dedicating time and care to handcraft each piece. Tsuchiyama Mokukyo Corporation, since its establishment in 1957, has been engaged in lumbering and wood processing, supported by the local community. We break free from conventional notions about wood, continually embracing new challenges, and pursuing the new possibilities of domestic wood under the philosophy of ″Sprout, Wood, Heart″. We began producing tumblers in earnest on the occasion of the 72nd National Arbor Day Festival. It is our wish that these cypress tumblers be cherished and used for a long time in this era. The undulating shape of NAJIMU is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. We apply handmade beeswax wax to the surface and utilize cypress wood shavings generated during tumbler production as cushioning material, allowing you to enjoy both cold and hot beverages deliciously. Especially with hot drinks, you can further enjoy the aroma of cypress. Furthermore, the tumbler is coated with glass coating, allowing you to maintain the natural texture of the wood while enjoying the natural changes due to usage. To prevent wood deterioration and ensure long-term use, we recommend regular application of beeswax wax. RE:WOOD ″NAJIMU″ is a tumbler that becomes more familiar with use, allowing you to experience the charm of wood that evolves over time.


The ″Ochimas″ Sponge, provided by MARUZENKAKO CO., LTD., is a professional-grade sponge recognized even in expert circles. Made in Japan, it was specifically developed to effectively remove dirt from fine gaps. This sponge features ultra-fine 0.045mm bristles that can reach into the smallest crevices to scrape away grime. Additionally, since the sponge is encased in fabric, it doesn’t crumble during use, reducing the risk of foreign matter contamination while also being highly durable. Its softness and the absence of abrasive materials allow for safe use without damaging the surfaces. Available in four colors, it offers versatility for different usage scenarios. MARUZENKAKO CO., LTD. has developed the ″Ochimas″ Sponge and other products based on customer feedback, aiming to improve hygiene in the food industry and make manufacturing processes more comfortable. By using brush-like materials, this sponge achieves cleaning performance that traditional sponges cannot match. Feedback from professional settings has informed its design, including stitching and hook shapes, resulting in a product with over 1.2 million units sold annually. The ″Ochimas″ Sponge is highly rated not only by professionals but also by general consumers for its exceptional durability and cleaning ability. MARUZENKAKO CO., LTD. promises to continue meeting the demands of the times and pursuing customer satisfaction. Try this professional-approved sponge for yourself.

Shinku-Urushi Tumbler-KISSUL

The ″SHINKU-URUSHITUMBLER KISSUL″ is the world’s first stainless steel vacuum tumbler coated with natural lacquer, offered by COCOO LLC. The lacquer coating applied to both the exterior and interior prevents metallic odors, retains temperature, and boasts high durability, dishwasher compatibility, and antibacterial properties. Utilizing natural lacquer also minimizes environmental impact, allowing for long-term usage with easy repairs. With a capacity of 210ml and weighing 92g, COCOO LLC, founded in July 2022, integrates over 20 years of craftsmanship skills and marketing expertise from major theme parks, adhering to the corporate philosophy of ″living small but rich″. Embracing a hybrid of craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing, COCOO LLC aims to provide sincere and enduring products. The lacquer used in this product is a result of collaborative development with the established lacquerware shop ″Sato Kiyomatsu Shoten″ in Kyoto, combining the unique heat-retaining and cooling effects of the tumbler with the gentle touch of lacquer. The patented lacquer coating ensures robustness, dishwasher compatibility, and antibacterial properties, making it suitable for daily use. Hand-painted by artisans, customization is also available.

Friends Roll

The ″Friends Roll″ is an innovative toilet paper holder offered by Slow Forms Inc. This product is designed to leave a few centimeters of paper protruding upwards after use, making it easier for the next user to grab the paper. It also features a mechanism that allows for easy tearing of the paper with one hand, reducing the need to touch the holder and making it more hygienic for use in public spaces. Based in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, our company, though only about two years old, has been developing innovative plastic products with the support of family and collaboration with vendors. Our product development is motivated by a desire to alleviate the difficulties faced by people with disabilities or the elderly when using the toilet. In fact, health issues experienced by the founder themselves led to the development of the ″Friends Roll.″ The product is designed with a blade orientation and size that facilitates one-handed use, and its hygienic features include a cover that protects the paper from deodorizing sprays and splashes of urine. It can be used even without the side covers. Japanese toilets are admired worldwide for their beauty and cleanliness, and the ″Friends Roll″ aims to further enhance that reputation. Try this product that makes pulling out paper easier and protects against germs.

ISSO TEA ~Contemporary Organic Japanese Tea~

ISSO TEA ~Contemporary Organic Japanese Tea~ is a Japanese tea brand from ISSO Corporation that uses carefully selected tea leaves sourced from the rare organic Japanese tea leaves, which make up only 3% domestically. It focuses on flavors, designs, and styles suitable for modern lifestyles, proposing products that embody Japan’s traditions, high-quality craftsmanship, and pursuit of beauty alongside nature to the world. Established in 2023, ISSO utilizes domestic and international networks to reinterpret Japanese culture in a modern context, creating styles accepted by people worldwide. This tea selects high-quality tea leaves certified as organic from Japan and further pursues the deliciousness of Japanese tea and new ways of enjoyment, collaborating with overseas partners to ensure acceptance abroad. The packaging is designed to express flavors based on traditional Japanese colors, providing visual enjoyment while also considering environmental concerns by adopting eco-friendly methods from cultivation to packaging. Flavor cards are provided in both English and Japanese, detailing the characteristics of the tea, recommended occasions, and pairing suggestions, catering to a wide range of consumers from beginners to enthusiasts. Additionally, brewing guides are offered from an international perspective, making delicious Japanese tea easily accessible worldwide. Produced in a factory certified with international accreditation “FSSC22000” and adhering to the motto of ‘safe, secure, and delicious,’ ISSO TEA delivers organic Japanese tea that embodies Japan’s rich tea culture to both domestic and international audiences, spreading its charm far and wide.

WACHA Three Color Matcha

WACHA’s “Three Color Matcha” inherits the concept of “matcha as medicine” that originated from ancient China and applies knowledge of herbs and traditional Chinese medicine to modern lifestyles, renewing traditional matcha into a “Botanical Matcha”. While matcha has become a trend worldwide, the efficacy of matcha as medicine is not widely known. Unlike coffee or black tea, matcha, when consumed as a powder, offers higher health benefits. WACHA combines superfoods and superfruits (such as cactus, mulberry, butterfly pea, beetroot, coconut, etc.) with traditional matcha, creating matcha that can be tailored to various lifestyles, body types, and concerns. WACHA’s mission is to pursue a new style of tea ceremony. The purpose of “Three Color Matcha” is to incorporate the joy of making matcha into everyday life without being bound by location or concept, aiming to maintain both health and prevention of illness simultaneously. Countless prototypes were created before productization, taking about two years. All ingredients are naturally derived to ensure safety, and meticulous attention was paid to both the appearance and taste. Please enjoy a delightful moment with “Three Color Matcha”.

WeDO Style Co., Ltd.

“Aika” is a Japanese-style dining set that blends traditional Japanese beauty with modern living spaces. Designed to enrich the living and dining areas, it offers a relaxed setting for meals and leisurely moments afterward. Embracing the Japanese aesthetic appreciation of nature’s imperfections and irregularities, we adopted the “polished paint” technique to deliver tables that feature the natural texture of wood to a broader audience. This painting method recreates the warmth and seasoned appearance of wood used over many years. The high-back chairs provide a comfortable embrace, featuring a swivel seat mechanism that ensures comfort for anyone and is available in three colors to match room decor, along with matching back cushions. For safety, the chairs include a color-coordinated protective belt to prevent injuries from the swivel function, and the tabletop can be fitted with a breaker-equipped outlet for added convenience during family gatherings. The surface paint is durable and resistant to stains, dirt, and UV rays, making it an environmentally friendly and human-friendly product. Since natural wood is used, each piece has unique grain patterns, making each item one-of-a-kind. We also offer various optional accessories such as table outlets, bench cushions, and chair back cushions, allowing for customization to meet customer needs.

Wooden Fruits Cake Puzzle

The “Wooden Fruits Cake Puzzle” is a unique wooden puzzle offered by besitos Co., Ltd., incorporating the cross-section of fruits into its design. Made from beechwood with child-safe paint, it prioritizes safety even if children put it in their mouths. The surface features an attractive design resembling a fruit cake, while the backside displays the names of the puzzle pieces in both hiragana and English. This toy not only adds fun to children’s playtime but also serves as a memorable keepsake that can be enjoyed as an interior decoration later on. besitos Co., Ltd. is a company that aims to propose gifts imbued with heartfelt sentiments to loved ones and is operated by a single mother in her forties. Striving to provide products and services that uplift Japanese mothers, it brings to life items that were “wanted” based on experiences in parenting. The Fruits Cake Puzzle was developed to spark children’s interest in food. By using cross-sections of fruits, it aims to convey the cuteness and fascination of fruits, evoking a desire to eat them. Furthermore, designed to encourage parent-child dialogue, it can be enjoyed for a long time in various ways such as shape-fitting puzzles, building blocks, and pretend play. With a design that blends seamlessly with interior decor, it is intended to preserve fond memories of enjoyable times even after children have grown up. Through this puzzle, children can learn the names of shapes and engage in various imaginative plays like pretending to run a cake shop, fostering diverse play experiences driven by children’s creativity.


KiSEKI WOODGLASS is an innovative sake vessel that enhances personal relaxation moments and special occasions shared with loved ones like never before. Its unique design, reminiscent of a pyramid and composed of three parts, allows you to appreciate the changing shape while savoring the rich scent of hinoki (Japanese cypress). This vessel stimulates the senses with its beauty and aroma, making it a one-of-a-kind addition that complements not only sake but also various other spirits. The COE↑ECO project by COETECO aims to revive tradition in a contemporary context while creating new value. With a spirit of “learning from the past to innovate for the future,” this project endeavors to transcend barriers between Japan, the world, and people, continuously challenging conventions. KiSEKI WOODGLASS, crafted through meticulous design and traditional craftsmanship, enriches moments spent enjoying sake alone or with cherished company, offering surprises and delights. It embodies both beauty and functionality, with all materials sourced domestically and production processes adhering to Japanese standards. Designed to enhance the flavor of sake and evoke the pleasant aroma of hinoki, it features names such as “RIN,” “KANZASI,” “IRO KANZASI,” and “HAKKEI,” evoking the beauty of Japan, aiming to be cherished by people worldwide. KiSEKI WOODGLASS proposes a new form of sake vessel that transforms everyday moments into extraordinary experiences to be savored with all five senses.

Separate Yukata

The ″Separate Yukata″ is an innovative yukata that can be easily worn by oneself. With a simple structure where the top and wrap skirt are tied with strings, and with an attached obi, its appearance is indistinguishable from traditional yukata. In particular, the obi is easy to put on with its one-touch design. This yukata features a vibrant marguerite pattern, symbolizing a beautiful appearance. NIWAKO CO., LTD. has been engaged in the planning, manufacturing, and sales of textile products since its establishment in 1908, offering various fashion items including Japanese clothing. This Separate Yukata was developed for those who find dressing in traditional yukata time-consuming or difficult, as well as for foreigners unfamiliar with yukata. Made of 100% polyester absorbent and quick-drying material, it offers a comfortable, smooth feel. It is wrinkle-resistant, can be machine washed at home, and the obi is adjustable with hook-and-loop fasteners for easy size adjustment. This yukata is ideal for those who want to dress easily, do laundry at home, or simplify storage. Moreover, it resists wrinkles even when worn for consecutive days, such as at fireworks festivals, ensuring peace of mind for the next day’s wear. We hope that more people will enjoy yukata, a traditional Japanese cultural attire, with the Separate Yukata.


″Necokeshi″ is a cat-shaped kokeshi doll developed by Katomokko to convey the charm of traditional crafts and the excellence of Japanese wood. Each doll is meticulously handcrafted with attention to size and form, featuring delicate expressions. The hinoki cypress used is renowned for its subtle fragrance, offering a calming effect to induce relaxation. Katomokko, a woodworking company based in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture, has a history of about 80 years and is rooted in the city’s past as a port for Kitamae ships. Across four generations, the company has inherited the joinery technique of assembling wooden boards without using metal nails, with their ship chests crafted using this method highly esteemed as art pieces. However, with the decline in demand for traditional Japanese homes and chests due to changing lifestyles, along with a diminishing number of skilled craftsmen and decreased demand for wood, Katomokko felt a sense of crisis and embarked on developing ″Necokeshi″ to promote the beauty of traditional crafts and Japanese wood to a wider audience. This product is shaped through a combination of cutting-edge 3D design technology and the woodworking expertise passed down through generations of artisans. Additionally, the wood used is upcycled hinoki that might otherwise be discarded due to reduced use in residential construction, demonstrating environmental consideration. The pleasant aroma of hinoki makes ″Necokeshi″ ideal for interior decoration in various spaces such as doorways, living rooms, or desks. Its palm-sized design allows it to be displayed anywhere, enabling you to enjoy its adorable expressions and profound character alongside the relaxing scent of hinoki. As an item with connections to Japanese culture, it is perfect for both personal use and gifting purposes.

Aizu-style Wax Candle

The “Aizu-style Wax Candle” is a traditional craft product manufactured and sold by the long-standing establishment, Aizu-style Wax Candle Specialty Shop Ozawa Rosokuten, which has been in operation for seven generations. These candles, with a white base, are meticulously hand-painted with various flowers such as plum and cherry blossoms, and then covered with a thin layer of wax to give them a glossy finish. Upholding traditional techniques dating back to the Edo period, each candle is a unique masterpiece, as no two are alike. At Ozawa Rosokuten, which preserves Aizu’s traditions in a building unchanged since the Meiji era, every step, from shaping the wax over a wick made of Japanese paper and spelt grass to painting the flowers and adding gloss, is done by hand. The floral designs reflect both Aizu’s traditions and the unique character of Ozawa Rosokuten, imbued with care in each candle. The flickering flame of the candle provides a soothing effect known as “1/f fluctuation,” while the vibrant floral paintings offer tranquility to those who behold them. Not only does this candle transform dinner tables into serene spaces, but it also aims to contribute to society as a sustainable light source free from petroleum derivatives. Produced amidst challenging circumstances to pass down Japan’s traditional beauty to the next generation, the Aizu-style Wax Candle, once selected as an offering to both Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun, symbolizes the richness of tradition and artistry, enriching the hearts of those who encounter it.

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