FAQ Rules & Policies

-Counterfeit brand products, genuine products and unconfirmed products.
-Those that infringe intellectual property rights.
-Items obtained through fraudulent routes such as stolen products.
-What could be used for crime or illegal activity.
-Those that have killing ability and are used as weapons.
-Dangerous products or safety issues.
-Child pornography and what is considered similar.
-Adult-related, used underwear… etc.
-Supplements that violate the law.
-Cash, cash vouchers, e-commerce points…etc.
-Individuals of ivory and rare wild animal and plant species that do not have the registration required by the species conservation method.
-Controlled drugs / dangerous drugs.
-Some products we deem inappropriate.

*If there is a listing above, we will notify Vender of a warning.
If there is no reply / explanation, and if there is no improvement even if you warn many times, it will be deleted.
In that case, the cost for the remaining contract period cannot be returned.

-Encouraging payment methods other than those specified by us.
-Transactions where you do not know the details of the product.
-Acts that do not follow the flow of transactions that we have prepared.
-Acts of money laundering.
-Selling behavior not for sale.
-False settings or incorrect information.
-Listings and posts containing personal information and unauthorized use of personal information.
-Acts that make people aware of discrimination and lead to them.
-Any act related to the campaign.
-Other acts that are judged to be inappropriate.

* Notify Vender of a warning if the above list is present.
If there is no reply / explanation and no improvement is seen no matter how many times you warn, the account will be deleted.
In that case, the cost for the remaining contract period is non-refundable.

Contact us if you couldn't find out any solutions.

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