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We are explain about how to setup shipping fee in Vendor dashboard by photo.I hope that you will be understand more and more.
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The cost is monthly opening fee and sales commission 10%.
*The condition for opening a store is to contract for over 3 months. 
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There are three key elements to our assessment.

1.Few documents: Your ID, Certificate of address, Certificate of company.
2.Completely, create your store page in Vendor dashboard.
3.Setup your Stripe account.
4.Pay your monthly fee

-Verification page is here
-Create your shop page is here
-Create Stripe account is here

First you need to get approval as a vendor.
Check your verification statues are done or not.

Almost case, the product status may not be “online“.
Be sure to bring your status online when you register your product.

Check edit product then find other options, change status Online in Product status

For companies and solo proprietorship

If you make a purchase, It will be sent directly to your  Strip account without 10% commission and payment fees of Srripe.

– Stripe Settlement fee is here

You have to “Complete” the order in Vendor dashboard.

-How to complete
1.Vendor dashboard

2.Orders< Action< Complete
Click check icon.

The commission fee is flat 10%. no more add fee.

Overseas transactions are tax exempt.
It is automatically generated when the customer is ordered.
However, please be sure to select the tax item for the item.

-How to set up Tax 
1.Vendor dashboard


3.Shipping and Tax

4.Choose Tax Status and Tax Class

*About Tax Class
You have to choose your Vendor registered country.

Yes we have. You can choose two ways.
Warranty as Add on or Warranty Included 

-How to set up
1.Vendor dashboard


3.Choose product and click “Edit

4.Click “RMA Options

You can take a temporary vacation, such as during the summer vacation.
Set to hide the product and not sell it.

-How to do it
1.Vendor dashboard


3.Click Store

4.Check ”Go to Vacation”

Once we confirm the review content and approve it.

In that case, please contact us. We can guide you to another payment method.

Contact us if you couldn't find out any solutions.

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