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About KiSEKI Wood Glass Pinnacle Model

“HAKKE” – The Birth of an Unprecedented Miracle

Beyond Miracles – An Encounter Like No Other

-From Four to Eight.-

The iconic square pyramid shape of the KiSEKI Wood Glass has evolved into an octagonal pyramid in this pinnacle model. You will surely be captivated by its unique and beautiful form.

-Eight and 8.-

The ‘HAKKE’ is crafted with an octagonal shape, believed to attract happiness from all directions. Additionally, the number “8” symbolizes eternity, with an unbroken line, invoking the infinity symbol “∞”. This model was created with the hope that you will feel this eternal happiness.

-Masterful Craftsmanship.-

In the production of the KiSEKI Wood Glass, increasing the corners from four to eight while maintaining the strength and practicality as a drinking vessel involves a highly complex internal structure. Any misalignment of 0.1 mm in the angles of the eight panels would result in defects. Through advanced design and the skilled craftsmanship of experienced artisans, after numerous prototypes and tests, this shape was finally achieved. Doubling the corners from four to eight results in a smoother rim for drinking, and the octagonal shape enhances the fragrance of the wood and the rich aroma of the drink.


-A Box Miraculous in Itself.-

The experience begins from the moment you open the beautiful, specially designed box for the HAKKE model. Every detail, from the stunning exterior form to the intricate design of the box’s opening mechanism, has been meticulously crafted to create a unique and unparalleled box.

Everything about this is a “miracle”—and beyond the miracle. With Japanese wood and masterful craftsmanship, this Made-in-Japan product embodies the spirit of excellence, bringing this sensation to those who appreciate true quality.


The set includes a shopping bag with the KiSEKI logo, making it perfect for gifting.

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