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  • Brand:KiSEKI
  • One order per 5 pieces
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: approve 30 days / Let’s contact us!
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About KANZAS / Pine

The KiSEKI Wood Glass was created as the perfect gift, combining the Japanese traditional craft technique of “kanzashi-tsugi” with new design elements to enhance its aesthetic appeal. KANZAS/ offers two patterns: “Pine” and “Cherry Blossom,” each accompanied by the symbolic language of the tree, allowing you to convey your sentiments to someone special.

The “Pine” kanzashi features unique pine patterns, incorporating even the natural designs as part of its aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury.

The box will be delivered with a ribbon wrapped around it. Additionally, the set includes a shopping bag with the KiSEKI logo, so it can be handed over as a gift just as it is.

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