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・ Brand: Gumnut Babies Fans (Australia)
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・ Material: Neoprene, which is also the material of wet suits
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About Gumnut Babys,

It’s picture book-born character that has been loved in Australia for over 100 years, is an Australian forest plant fairy. Therefore, the forests that appear are all children of Australian native plants. Enjoy the adventures of powerful and warm friends!


Is the inside of the cosmetic pouch cluttered?

With the bottom firmly set, the contents are refreshing and you can find what you need immediately ♪

・ It is divided into a pocket for compact and mirror and a pocket for long items such as brushes and mascara for neat storage.

・ Since the bottom is stable and self-supporting, it is easy to find what you need.

・ Neoprene and microfiber with soft cushioning protect the contents and can be washed completely, so it is clean.

・ Does not fade even after washing

The dirt on the cosmetic pouch can be easily wiped off and easily removed, but if it doesn’t work, it can be washed, so the cosmetic pouch that is easy to get dirty is always clean ♪

The cosmetic pouch depicts Boronia Babys, which flutters down with a pink flower parachute.

It is a lovely flower that always delivers a good scent to everyone.

Along with Pink Boronia, another Australian native plant, flannel flower, is depicted.

-About Material

・ If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a wet cloth to make it easier to remove.

・ When washing, wash with water or hand, and after washing, immediately shape and dry in the shade.

・ Avoid using boiling water and do not use a washing machine, iron or dryer.

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Gumnut Babies Fans

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