Ise Hinoki Stamp

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  • No minimum lot
  • Size:12.0mm,13.5mm,15.0mm,16,5mm.18.0mm
  • Material: Ise Hinoki
  • Size: Length: 60 mm
  • Seal Imprint Characters: Handwritten Characters
  • Finish: Hand-carved Finish
  • Accessories: Stamp Case
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 30 days 
  • All Hand made
  • SNS:Instagram,X,Facebook

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About Ise Hinoki Stamp

Seal Orientation Sticker

A sticker indicating the top and bottom of the seal imprint is attached. There are no protrusions or indentations to indicate the orientation.

Handwritten Characters and Hand-finished Details

At our store, each precious stamp is created with handwritten characters by a Kyoto seal craftsman, tailored to each order with care and attention. Typically, seal imprints are made using computer software that modifies font characters, resulting in similar-looking imprints. However, seals created with computer-generated characters lack uniqueness. The warmth of a craftsman’s handwritten imprint is a one-of-a-kind mark. Kiyokazu Inokuchi, a seal imprint artist from Kyoto, carefully handwrites each one, delivering a uniquely exquisite stamp that stands out from the rest.

The finishing touches are applied by a skilled artisan. After the initial rough carving by a machine, the artisan meticulously carves the soft curves with a seal carving knife, ensuring the hand-finished detail preserves the handwritten character.

About the Included Stamp Case

The included stamp case is available in black or red cowhide leather. Additionally, a convenient Nishino Workshop original box is provided for storage.

High-Grade Wood Used in Temples and Shrines

Ise Hinoki has a rich history, having been used since ancient times during the “Shikinen Sengu,” a ceremonial rebuilding of the Ise Grand Shrine that occurs every 20 years. Today, this prestigious wood continues to be used in Ise Grand Shrine and other revered temples and shrines.

Strength and Properties

Grown in the harsh natural environment of the Kiso region, Ise Hinoki features dense growth rings, giving it exceptional strength and durability. By further compressing the timber from thinning, it achieves the necessary strength for making stamps. Each piece has unique grain patterns and colors, offering the distinctive charm of natural materials.

Care and Maintenance of Ise Hinoki

Generally, wooden stamps are sensitive to dryness and oil. Leaving ink on the stamp can allow the oils in the ink to seep in, making the imprint surface brittle and prone to chipping. Chipped personal or bank seals need to be re-carved, so it’s important to wipe off the ink thoroughly after use and store the stamp in a dedicated case. While it might be impossible to remove the ink completely, a slight ink stain can add character to the stamp. Avoid using wet wipes or washing with water, as this can weaken the wood and cause the imprint surface to chip. The natural color and texture that develop over years of use are part of the charm of wooden stamps.

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12.0mm, 13.5mm, 15.0mm, 16,5mm, 18.0mm

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