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  • Brand:ISSO
  • One order per 5 pices
  • INTERNAL CAPACITY:40g / 1.41oz
  • RAW MATERIAL NAME:Organic green tea (from Kagoshima Prefecture)
  • PRESERVATION METHOD:Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of scent transfer.
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 7 days
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Add 2 teaspoons (2g) of matcha to hot water (80°C/175°F, 230ml/1 cup) and whisk with a whisk or frother, or shake and enjoy. *

*Please be careful when handling boiling water.


Add 2 teaspoons (2g) of matcha to cold water (230ml/1 cup), shake well and enjoy.


sport, energy, concentration


vanilla, milky, glassy


Granola, avocado toast, French pastry, tiramisu


Using a unique encapsulation technology that allows the product to stay fresh for a long period of time, we have eliminated the inner bag of the can and packed the flavor and taste of matcha into a screw-top can.

The flavor, aroma, richness and umami of ISSO Ceremonial Grade Matcha, which is the best in Japan, is luxuriously packed into a can. This refined organic matcha can be brewed using a chasen at a tea ceremony for a blissful experience, or can be whisked with a frother or shaken and carried around to suit individual styles and occasions. You can enjoy it as you like.

ISSO Ceremonial Grade Matcha

ISSO Ceremonial Grade Matcha is characterized by its elegant and sophisticated aroma, outstanding umami and richness, beautiful deep green color and plump foam. We are the only company in Japan that is able to produce the highest quality organic matcha in Japan through our thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the varieties, our daily research and efforts in soil preparation, tea leaf production, roasting, and grinding techniques. This is the true Japanese craftsmanship that combines the experience, technology, and passion of tea gardens and finishing. The tea leaves are carefully grown in a tea garden by covering them with a black cover for a long period of time to block sunlight to bring out their flavor and sweetness, and are carefully milled in a stone mill over time to create an extremely luxurious taste. Please whip it up and enjoy it straight or as a base for a superb latte.

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