Soutashie’s Awaji Knot (Blue Series) / Obidome & Majeste 2-Way


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  • Brand: Komamonoya Yui
  • No minimum lot
  • Materials: Soutashie Cord, Beads, Synthetic Leather, Brass Wire
  • Dimension: Width: 6.5cm, Height: 3.3cm
  • Brass Stick Length: Approximately 8cm
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 14 days
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About Soutashie’s Awaji Musubi (Blue Series) / Obidome & Majeste 2-Way

Soutashie, a European cord, was used to create the auspicious shape of the Awaji knot, which can be used as an obidome (obi decorative clip) and as a majeste.

The Awaji knot is a basic knot often made with mizuhiki (decorative Japanese cord), but in this case, a more colorful and thinner Soutashie cord was used. The part where the obi is threaded is sewn while incorporating beads, preventing the cord from unraveling and adding an elegant touch.

This particular piece uses blue beads, and other variations with different colored beads will be gradually featured.

To ensure versatility beyond wearing kimono, a stick made of brass was created, allowing it to serve as a majeste. Additionally, it can be used as a pin substitute for loosely-knit stoles or similar items.

When using it as an obidome, it can be threaded not only through flat types of three-minute cords but also through braided cords with a diameter of about 1 cm.

Furthermore, it is designed without using metal fixtures, preventing the obidome from protruding.

*A little ingenuity is needed to thread the fringe part of the cord-type obi tie. You can easily thread it by using commercially available fringe covers or by wrapping thin paper around the fringe part to gather it together.

*The sticks made of brass wire are hammered with a mallet to create texture and reinforce strength. Thin wire is wound near the spiral pattern to shape it and make it easier to insert into the hair. As these are handmade, each stick may vary in texture and length due to differences in hammering and crafting techniques. Please understand this before making a purchase.

If you have specific length requirements for the stick, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please inquire in advance.

Accessories used for photography, such as obi ties, are not included with the product. The product consists only of the obi clip and the brass-made stick.

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Soutashie's Awaji Knot (Blue Series) / Obidome & Majeste 2-Way


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