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・1 order quantity is 5 pieces
・Colors type: grey / cream / kinako / montblanc / pink / rose / savon
Little byul
・Country of production: Japan
・ Time to ship:Within 20days
・The prescription may be changed depending on the brand and product. Also, please note
that the color of the product may differ depending on the condition of your computer screen.
・Due to renewal and manufacturer’s circumstances, the package of the delivered product may differ from the image. Please note that we cannot accept returns or cancellations in such cases.
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A quick pinch of the shoes that your child took off.
It can be attached to a stroller or bag, and the design is simple and cute!
I named it “shoespinch”.

Color variations

Gray color that has been loved since the beginning of salesIt is a recommended color that can be used by both men and women.

Standard color
It is a white-collar design.

It is a design using natural beige beads.

It is a calm dull brown design.

Two colors of original pink beads were used
It is a gorgeous design.

Designed with the image of a baby celebration
It is a pale pink design.

Designed with the image of a baby celebration
It is a light blue design.


Total length about 33 ~ 35cm
Key chain part about 10 cm
*The size may vary slightly.


・There are small parts. Please use it for adults.
・ The snap button may come off easily due to the impact of a stroller or the like.
・It is a designer’s handmade product. Each item is carefully squeezed, but the shape may differ from the photo or the size may differ depending on the product. Please note that the texture and color may look slightly different depending on the monitor environment.
・Since the material is imported from overseas, there may be small scratches or threads. It was
・ This product is intended to hold children’s shoes. If you pinch something other than shoes, it may be damaged, or if you pinch something, it may be damaged.


Shipping Countries: Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, United Kingdom (UK), Norway, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Monaco, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Belarus, Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Costa Rica, Canada, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, United States (US), Mexico, Barbados, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Macao, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, India, Singapore, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Thailand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa

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Grey, Cream, Kinako, Montblanc, Pink, Rose, Savon

Order detail

1 order quantity is 5 pieces.

Minimum lot

5 pieces

Days to ship

Within 20days

Country of origin



Total length about 33 ~ 35cm, Key chain part about 10 cm

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