~Pottery shards~ Camel×Black Vintage Giraffe earrings


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About ~Pottery shards~ Camel×Black Vintage Giraffe earrings

Camel & black tones create impressive, sophisticated, and mature matte gold-based earrings, are a captivating blend of vintage components:

  • 80’s Australia Vintage Earrings
  • Vintage Camel Nut Beads
  • Black Glitter Knitted Parts
  • Matte Gold Kirin Parts
  • Pottery Shards
  • Design Chain

The vintage earrings’ top consists of three layers: a smoky silver rope-patterned part, a matte gold slightly bulging section, and a cork-like compressed texture. These elements alone make for a fashionable and delightful pair of earrings!

The key feature of this item is unequivocally the sense of ‘balance.’

Carefully selected from numerous pottery shards to create a design that is asymmetric yet balanced on both sides and adjusted the placement of the parts and the length of the chains multiple times to ensure they hang parallel when worn

With playful elements from the Kirin parts, these earrings cater to a chic and sophisticated adult audience.

★ These are entirely one-of-a-kind creations ★

※ While convertible to piercings, the secure hardware makes them ideal for use as earrings without modification.

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~Pottery shards~ Camel×Black Vintage Giraffe earrings


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