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  • Dishcloth”propre”360
  • Material: Cotton 97%, Polyester 3%
  • Size: 30×60 cm
  • Quantity: 12 sheets x 1 bag
  • Color: White, Pink, Green, Blue
  • Dishcloth”propre”390
  • Material: Cotton 97%, Polyester 3%
  • Size: 30×90 cm
  • Quantity: 10 sheets x 1 bag
  • Color: White, Pink, Green, Blue
  • Dishcloth”propre”660
  • Material: Cotton 97%, Polyester 3%
  • Size: 60×60 cm
  • Quantity: 6 sheets x 1 bag
  • Color: White, Pink, Green, Blue
  • Time to ship: Within 7 days
  • SNS: Instagram, X, Youtube

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About Dishcloth”propre”


Difficult to Unravel:

The knitting method makes it resistant to fuzz and yarn unraveling, preventing contamination of food with foreign substances.

Colorfast Against Sterilization and Bleaching:

The color lines do not fade even with sterilization and bleaching, making it ideal for use in different processing departments.

Excellent Water Absorption and Retention:

The structure (loops) enhances water absorption and retention.

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KM-36, KM-39, KM-66


Blue, Pink, Green

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