Magical cloth “W oil bikkuri cloth”


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  • Material: Rayon 88%, Polyester 12%
  • Size: 19×28 cm
  • Quantity: 5 sheets x 1 bag
  • Colors: White, Pink, Green, Yellow
  • Time to ship: Within 7 days 
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About  Magical cloth “W oil bikkuri cloth”

This is a high-performance cloth made from special fibers. It effectively wipes away oily residues without leaving any trace. The cloth’s excellent dirt-removing capability ensures that odors and sliminess are not a concern.

Features of the special fiber structure:

  1. Sharp-edged flat fibers capture oily dirt and retain the oil in the fine gaps between the numerous fibers.
  2. Rinsing with water releases the trapped dirt from the gaps in the fibers into the water.

[POINT 1] High wiping performance The cloth thoroughly wipes away liquid oil, moisture, and food particles from kitchens, tables, and around fryers, contributing to improved hygiene. Its high wiping effectiveness in a single wipe also enhances work efficiency.

[POINT 2] Easy to clean The cloth is easy to clean with water. It prevents odors and sliminess, ensuring a pleasant experience.

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White, Pink, Green, Yellow

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