Separate Yukata


  • Conpany: NIWAKO CO., LTD. (Aichi)
  • No minimum lot
  • Colors:Camellia,Margaret,Wisteria,Lily
  • Size: S,Free
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 14 days

■ size

・ S size (adaptation height 145-156cm)

・ F (free) size (adaptation height 156-168cm)


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About Separate Yukata

The ″Separate Yukata″ is an innovative yukata that can be easily worn by oneself. With a simple structure where the top and wrap skirt are tied with strings, and with an attached obi, its appearance is indistinguishable from traditional yukata. 

In particular, the obi is easy to put on with its one-touch design. This yukata features a vibrant marguerite pattern, symbolizing a beautiful appearance. NIWAKO CO., LTD. has been engaged in the planning, manufacturing, and sales of textile products since its establishment in 1908, offering various fashion items including Japanese clothing. This Separate Yukata was developed for those who find dressing in traditional yukata time-consuming or difficult, as well as for foreigners unfamiliar with yukata. 

Made of 100% polyester absorbent and quick-drying material, it offers a comfortable, smooth feel. It is wrinkle-resistant, can be machine washed at home, and the obi is adjustable with hook-and-loop fasteners for easy size adjustment. This yukata is ideal for those who want to dress easily, do laundry at home, or simplify storage. Moreover, it resists wrinkles even when worn for consecutive days, such as at fireworks festivals, ensuring peace of mind for the next day’s wear.

 We hope that more people will enjoy yukata, a traditional Japanese cultural attire, with the Separate Yukata.

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Camellia, Margaret, Wisteria, Lily


S, Free

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