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Theme: “The fruits of imagination”
White fruit that is colored by the person who wants to wear it and the person who sees it.

・ Minimum lot is 3 or more
・ 3 pieces per order
・ Brand: OTUTUMI
・ Country of Origin: Japan
・ Time to ship: Within 14days
・ Size: H7.5 × W5 × D1.5cm
・ Weight: 3.5g
・ Color type: Both are White / Both are Color / Each White and Color
・ Material: Japanese traditional paper code / Brass metal fittings
・ Orders cannot be canceled or changed due to customer ’s convenience.


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Theme: “The fruits of imagination”
White fruit that is colored by the person who wants to wear it and the person who sees it.


The theme of the second OTUTUMI online shop is “Fantasy Products”.

Fruits have the meaning of results, results, and products in addition to the meaning of fruits.

This time, I chose the motif by hanging it on both of them.

“Products of fantasy” is often used in a negative sense because it is unrealistic and has no meaning or value, but in this work it is a new story created by fantasy or an existing one. I’m trying to express a positive meaning, such as imagining an interesting original color that I can’t get.

It seems that the ability of vertebrates in general to complement the “missing part” in the brain and recognize the whole picture when a part of the object is hidden and invisible is called amodal complementation, which is interesting! It is also an attempt to apply the “missing part” to the “color” and make the action that the viewer imagines a piece of white, complement it in the brain, and make it a completed work.

It’s big but very light.

Speaking of fruit, this is it. However, I tried to make an adult strawberry that is not too cute.

Anyway, it looks good on clothes.

H7.5 × W5 × D1.5cm

3.6g (1 piece)

Mizuhiki (Japanese traditional paper code), brass metal fittings

Shipping Countries: Spain, Lithuania, Denmark, Romania, Ireland, Bulgaria, United Kingdom (UK), North Macedonia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Estonia, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Monaco, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Iceland, Belarus, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Belgium, Ukraine, Germany, Costa Rica, United States (US), Mexico, Barbados, Canada, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia, Macao, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Singapore, Pakistan, Brunei, New Caledonia, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa

Additional information

Minimum lot

3 pieces

One order

3 pieces

Country of origin



Japanese traditional paper code / Brass metal fittings

Color type

Both are White, Both are Color, Each White and Color

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OTUTUMI-The fruits of imagination "Strawberry" × 3