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Theme: “Clematis”
Clematis bell type. “Beautiful flowers are poisonous.”

・ Minimum lot is 3 or more
・ 3 pieces per order
・ Brand: OTUTUMI
・ Country of Origin: Japan
・ Time to ship: Within 14days
・ Types: Pierced Ear / Clip-on
・ Size: H8 × W4 × D3cm
・ Weight: 3.5g
・ Material: Japanese traditional paper code / Brass metal fittings
・ Orders cannot be canceled or changed due to customer ’s convenience.


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Theme: “Clematis”

Clematis bell type. “Beautiful flowers are poisonous.”


The theme of the 4th OTUTUMI online shop is “Turn beautiful flowers with poison into OTUTUMI”.

Be aware that every beautiful thing has an ugly side, and a beautiful woman has a dangerous side!

In that sense, I often hear that “beautiful flowers have thorns.”

Originally a Western saying, “No rose without a thorn.”

It seems that it was.

Every person has their weaknesses! That’s a wonderful saying.

When I was thinking vaguely, I found a beautiful flower on the net.

Oh, it’s beautiful! When I open the pages of beautiful flowers one after another …

Eventually, the page was full of images of dangerous flowers with poison.

So, if you say OTUTUMI,

“Beautiful flowers are poisonous.”

Just by changing the “thorn” to “poison”, the sharpness level will increase considerably …

The theme of the work was “OTUTUMI conversion of beautiful flowers with poison”.

First of all, this Clematis Bell type is too cute.

It is a plant of the family Ranunculaceae, and there is a toxin called protoanemonin in the leaf juice, which causes dermatitis.

If you eat it by mistake, it will cause gastroenteritis. It’s scary.

The more beautiful a flower is, the more poisonous it is.

OTUTUMI was attracted to such flowers.


The theme of the fourth stage continues as long as there are poisonous flowers …

H8 × W4 × D3cm


Japanese traditional paper code / Brass metal fittings


Shipping Countries: Ireland, Bulgaria, United Kingdom (UK), North Macedonia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Spain, Luxembourg, Estonia, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Monaco, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Iceland, Belarus, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Belgium, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Romania, Canada, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, United States (US), Barbados, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Taiwan, Nepal, Singapore, Bhutan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco

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Minimum lot

3 pieces

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3 pieces

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Japanese traditional paper code / Brass metal fittings


Pierced Ear, Clip-on

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