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Collaboration product “Takatsu Akemi” x “OTUTUMI”
・ Minimum lot is 3 or more

・ 3 pieces per order
・ Brand: OTUTUMI
・ Country of Origin: Japan
・ Time to ship: Within 14days
・ Size: 50 × 50cm
・ Material: 100% cotton
・ Orders cannot be canceled or changed due to customer ’s convenience.

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◇◇◇ Dyeing craftsman “Takatsu Akemi” x Mizuhiki miscellaneous goods brand “OTUTUMI” collaboration product ◇◇◇

“Rose handkerchief bouquet”

A collaborative gift series in which Mizuhiki miscellaneous goods brand OTUTUMI folds a handkerchief, packaged and decorated with Mizuhiki, on a handkerchief dyed and designed by dyeing craftsman Takatsu Akemi.

《The handkerchief can be used as a lunch box wrap, a tissue box cover, or as a hair accessory, depending on your ideas. ◎ Even if you tie it as a bracelet ◎》

◆ Product details ◆


Handkerchief size: 50 x 50 cm

Material: 100% cotton

Mizuhiki decoration motif: Ribbon

Contents: Dyed handkerchief, Mizuhiki decoration charm, “Thank you ♡” card, wrapping paper

(The accessories in the image are not included.)

◆ Attention ◆

Glue is used to keep the shape of the handkerchief. When using, please use after rinsing with laundry detergent. Since this product is dyed, the color may fade due to moisture, sweat, friction, etc. Please be careful when wearing it. Also, do not wash with white or light-colored items.

Takatsu Akemi ART GALLERY —————

I felt the profound charm of “Aso”, which changes its expression depending on the season and time, and created the work. “Aso” with a dynamic and delicate design. “Higo Rokka” has been handed down in Kumamoto since the Edo period. I also make large-format handkerchiefs such as “Dragon Boat Festival”.


We design and produce items using Mizuhiki that convey the feelings of “Congratulations” and “Thank you” in a more fashionable way. In addition to pierced earrings and earrings, we are aiming to create a unique design with colorful POP, such as pocket bags and gift bags, so that both the giver and the recipient can be happy.

Shipping Countries: Switzerland, Monaco, France, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Portugal, Iceland, Belgium, Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, Denmark, Romania, Ireland, Bulgaria, United Kingdom (UK), North Macedonia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Spain, Luxembourg, Estonia, Russia, Italy, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Barbados, Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Canada, Costa Rica, United States (US), Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Philippines, Macao, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Singapore, Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, India, Bhutan, Malaysia, Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco

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Minimum lot

3 pieces

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3 pieces

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100% Cotton

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OTUTUMI×Takatsu Akemi/Rose Handkerchief Bouquet × 3