Friends Roll


  • Brand:Friends Roll
  • One order per 12 Pices
  • Colors:Beige,Brown,Gray,Black,White,Pink
  • Material: Antibacterial ABS silicone
  • Installation method: 3 screws
  • Size: Diameter 115mm or less, width 115mm or less, with core
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 14 days

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About Friends Roll

The ″Friends Roll″ is an innovative toilet paper holder offered by Slow Forms Inc. This product is designed to leave a few centimeters of paper protruding upwards after use, making it easier for the next user to grab the paper. 

It also features a mechanism that allows for easy tearing of the paper with one hand, reducing the need to touch the holder and making it more hygienic for use in public spaces. Based in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, our company, though only about two years old, has been developing innovative plastic products with the support of family and collaboration with vendors. 

Our product development is motivated by a desire to alleviate the difficulties faced by people with disabilities or the elderly when using the toilet. In fact, health issues experienced by the founder themselves led to the development of the ″Friends Roll.″ The product is designed with a blade orientation and size that facilitates one-handed use, and its hygienic features include a cover that protects the paper from deodorizing sprays and splashes of urine.

 It can be used even without the side covers. Japanese toilets are admired worldwide for their beauty and cleanliness, and the ″Friends Roll″ aims to further enhance that reputation. Try this product that makes pulling out paper easier and protects against germs.

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Beige, Brown, Gray, Black, White, Pink

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