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★ “magic water” magic water ★
A diluted solution (single item) for turning cosmetics into paints.
・ Minimum lot is 30 pieces
・ 30 pieces per order
・ Brand: Smink Art
・ Country of Origin: Japan
・ Capacity: 14ml

* Powdered cosmetics are cosmetics that are pressed on a gold plate and cosmetics that are in powder form and are in a container. (It may not be possible to make paint if it gets wet with oil when you touch it.)

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★ “magic water” magic water ★

A diluted solution (single item) for turning cosmetics into paints.

The features are as follows.

・ Powdered cosmetics such as eye shadow and blush can be made into paints.

・ It is a prescription developed by us.

-It is composed only of cosmetic grade ingredients, and even if it adheres to the skin, the risk is low.

* Does not contain industrial ingredients such as acrylic paints.

* Surfactant-free

-When cosmetics are made into paints using this product, they can be given superior properties such as quick-drying properties compared to general watercolor paints.

One is also included in the SminkArt kit.

* The storage period is 3 years from the date of purchase in a cool and dark place.

How to use

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Minimum lot

30 pieces

One order

30 pieces

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