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  • Brand:WACHA (Kanagawa)
  • One order per 3 pices
  • Green Matcha: 100% natural energy drink!
  • A symphony of Matcha, Cactus, Mulberry and Peach
  • The expected effects are as follows:Relieves fatigue,Relaxation,Antioxidant action
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 14 days
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Green Matcha: 100% natural energy drink!

A symphony of Matcha, Cactus, Mulberry and Peach

The expected effects are as follows:

・Relieves fatigue


・Antioxidant action

Green Matcha is a WACHA exclusive item. Four luxurious plants and fruits are layered like art. Each has its own aroma and flavor, making this a must-have item for matcha lovers.

Matcha grown in Japanese tea fields is carefully blended. The delicious taste and flavor, enhanced by the cactus and peach, will fill your mouth with a pleasant aftertaste. This matcha is perfect for tea ceremonies and special occasions.

We hope that this green matcha will bring a sense of splendor and happiness to your daily life. Take the first step into a new world of Matcha.

*Once opened, please store away from moisture and odors and consume as soon as possible.

*Because it is not a pharmaceutical product, the expected effects may vary from person to person. Please understand this beforehand.

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