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  • Brand:WACHA (Kanagawa)
  • One order per 2 pices
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 14 days
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About PREMIUM Set | Fuji

WACHA’s premium set “Fuji”. (Note: Matcha is not included in this set.)

【Silver Chashaku (bamboo teascoop)】

The simple and sophisticated design of the silver chashaku makes the time spent enjoying tea even more special. The silver shine of the chashaku makes it stand out among other tea utensils.

The more you use it, the more shiny it becomes and the more you become attached to it.

【Black Chasen】

Black Chasen is a Japanese synthetic resin Chasen that can be disassembled and washed.Unlike bamboo whisks, the tip of the whisk does not break easily and can be easily washed,it can be used for a relatively long time without worrying about the condition of storage.

【Silver Kusenaoshi (straightening)】

The kusenaoshi is made of Japanese ceramics.

The silver vertical line pattern on the base like smoked silver is chic and goes perfectly with the black Chasen.

【Turquoise Blue Tea bowl】

A Minoyaki matcha bowl with silver crystal pattern on the surface and beautiful turquoise blue inside.

The size is 12.6 cm x 6.5 cm.

Please try it as an accompaniment for brewing tea, as a gift, or in your daily life.

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