MIGUSA Bi Color – High-Function Tatami Mat


  • Brand:WeDO Style Co., Ltd.
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  • Colors:Leaf Green / Gray / Latte Brown / Camelia /EverGreen
  • Size:830×830×15mm
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Time to ship: between  14 and 60 days

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About MIGUSA Bi Color – High-Function Tatami Mat 

WeDO Style Original MIGUSA Tatami Mat “Bi color”

The WeDO Style Original MIGUSA Tatami Mat “Bi color” is our exclusive, high-functionality product featuring antimicrobial properties and reduced allergens, applied to our limited MIGUSA color.

The Sekisui Tatami Mat “MIGUSA” is a new material tatami that reproduces the functional properties of natural igusa (rush grass) while eliminating disadvantages such as difficult maintenance. It offers durability, safety, and easy cleaning.

Now, why not casually place it where you’d like and enjoy a tatami lifestyle with ease?

About colors var

Inspired by colors found in nature, each piece is woven with two horizontally mixed threads (kan) in random patterns, giving each mat a unique expression.


A deep green reminiscent of coniferous trees. Let your thoughts drift with the wind through the trees, contemplating eternity.


A traditional Japanese color, the red of camellia flowers. Enjoy it as an accent in your room, creating a rug-like feel.

Latte Brown

A gentle brown that evokes the warmth of wood. Enjoy moments of relaxation.


A vague gray reminiscent of dusk. Sets the stage for a stylish and refined space.

Leaf Green

A calming green like igusa (rush grass). Modernizes tradition for a serene atmosphere.

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Leaf Green, Gray, Latte Brown, Camelia, EverGreen

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MIGUSA Bi Color - High-Function Tatami Mat


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