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“Water” determines the quality of a product

“Water” is not a daily necessities,

It is fundamentally indispensable for making various products.

It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of a product is determined by how this water is used.


At MTEC, we

After asking about the environment and usage of the customer,

From the selection of water treatment method and membrane, etc.

From development, manufacturing and maintenance of operational systems

We respond to various requests.


Utilization of water according to the purpose

MTEC believes that “water” should change depending on the intended use.


In Japan, the idea that “water” and “safety” are free has long been the norm.

However, not only books but also various kinds of mineral water from overseas are sold these days.

As water for diet, water for tea, and normal drinking water,

It is becoming commonplace to “buy water” according to the purpose.


We are not limited to drinking water, but the idea of ​​using it for this purpose is not limited to drinking water.

We believe that the same is true for all industrial products and domestic water.