Style Boat Market

Style Boat Market

  • FMG Building 2F, 3-26-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Vendor Biography

Our IDEA & Brand Concept

Based on the concept of “living with yoga,” we propose free and free yoga wear and one-mile wear that are not bound by functionality or stereotypes.

Based on the philosophy of “lean manufacturing” that is the basis of the brand, it can be used not only as yoga wear but also as everyday wear, as relaxing wear to wear while traveling, etc. You can mix and match with 2way and 3way.

More freedom in yoga wear. We are making things that allow you to relax your shoulders and enjoy LifeStyle with YOGA.

What do you choose in an era of diversity?
“Be yourself” Living is very simple.

Yoga doesn’t mean he needs yoga wear, nor does he need fashionable clothes to go somewhere.
If it’s easy to move, that’s fine, and if you have clothes that you can go out with yoga.

It can be serious or loose.

It ’s all about making time to interact with yourself every day.
It is the “living with yoga” that we think of.

 Style Boat Market Logo Story 

  • I want to put my mind on a healthy body and spend comfortable days.
  • I want to entrust my body to the power of nature and accept the future.
  • It is a brand that is close to the body and mind.
  • The symbol is a seahorse with moon feathers.
  • Soft form.A dignified line.
  • The color of the water that soaks into it.
  • Designed with gratitude for nature.

Seahorses are sensitive to environmental changes and are also called a barometer.

Inside and outside of us.

I want to move my body like this symbol, prepare my mind and move forward while shaking.

Because we live with nature.

Chie Morimoto (goen °)


Logo Creator

[Profile of Chie Morimoto]

Communication director, art director
Established goen ° in 2007.
Visual and directing of Masaki Suda and Nana Komatsu of niko and …
SONY “make.believe”, CM planning and direction of suite, Suntory Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support CM “Uta no Relay” activity, Canon “Mirrorless EOS M2”, KIRIN “Ichiban Shibori Wakaba Kaoru Hop” package design, NHK Okawa Following the title work of the drama “E” and the morning serial TV drama novel “Teppan”, and the director Yoji Yamada’s “Tora-san, Otoko wa Tsuraiyo 50”, an advertisement for “Kinema no Kami-sama” scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021. He is working on the paintings in the play.

Other musicians such as Yumi Matsutoya and Official Hige Dandism, advertising planning, directing, product development, book binding, movie / stage art, space direction for zoos and nursery schools, and the latest work at Aomori New Airport. His activities are wide-ranging, such as working on stained glass mural paintings.