FairyGuft Garden Light L [Stars and Fairies] Gardening


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  • Brand: Metal Forest
  • Minimum Lot: Available
  • 6 pieces per order
  • Size: Diameter 8.5φ x Height 18cm
  • Weight:560g(Total:3.36kg)
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 14 days
  • Product number: M219
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FairyGuft Garden Light L [Stars and Fairies] Gardening

A fairy lives in a bottle-shaped LED light that shines with the power of the sun in the small bottle of the garden solar light. It is a popular fairy light on Instagram.

You can enjoy hanging it from the branches of the tree in your garden, or place it in the front yard at the entrance to brighten up your home at night. But don’t worry…it’s too popular to be stolen.

Product features

・As it is solar charge, it is energy saving very much without using electricity.
・At night, when it gets dark, the LED light will automatically turn on.
・With full charge time, it can be lit for up to 8 hours overnight (depending on the environment).
・This product can be recharged and used about 400 times
2-way specification that can be placed or hung

Waterproof grade: IPX4
Waterproof test standard based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), protection class 4 (rainproof type) structure that does not have harmful effects from rainfall within a range of 60 degrees from the vertical.


Fairy garden light L with a beautiful silhouette reminiscent of a group of fairies floating in the starry sky.
If you light up delicately with LED lights, it is perfect for outdoor interiors that color the night sky. It is energy efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.
At night when you are surrounded by fairies, you will have the illusion that you are in the world you dreamed of as a child, creating such a special time. It is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones.
※When children use it, please be sure to obtain the consent of the guardian before using it.


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Metal Forest

Minimum Lot


one order

6 pieces


Diameter 8.5φ x Height 18cm



Country of origin


Time to ship

Within 14 days

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FairyGuft Garden Light L [Stars and Fairies] Gardening