Food mini totebag


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  • Colors:Gray*Navy,Black*Black,Natural*Yellow,Red*Wine,Khaki*Black
  • Material:All Japan cotton
  • Body Size:H21cm*W24cm*H12cm
  • Handle Size:H33.5cm*W2
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 5 days
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About Food mini totebag


Fujikinbai is a Japanese canvas brand that has been established since 1948 and has continued to produce all aspects of spinning, weaving, and processing domestically, pursuing the delicate quality of “Made in Japan.” The term “honpu” or “hanpu” originates from its use in ship sails, hence its name. It refers to a thick, durable, plain-woven fabric with excellent structural integrity. It is also known as “duck” or “canvas”Food mini totebag

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Gray*Navy, Black*Black, Natural*Yellow, Red*Wine, Khaki*Black

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