About OMOTENASHI Selection

Bringing Japanese hospitality to the world's "OMOTENASHI brand"

OMOTENASHI Selection is a collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We started the award in 2015 with the desire to share these amazing products with the rest of the world.

This is a project that discovers people and companies that practice Japan’s world-class “hospitality”, as well as products and services born from their hearts, and continuously disseminates them both domestically and internationally.

The purpose of OMOTENASHI NIPPON is to spread awareness of the wonderfulness of Japanese products and services to people in and outside of Japan, starting with Japanese hospitality.

Brand list

BYBB towel

It was conceived and developed based on the experience of caregiving for parents. It aims to create towels and sheets that can effectively break down and eliminate the components of body odors without relying on temporary sprays or air fresheners.

Atelier Chihara

Juju is an accessory crafted from both domestic and foreign precious woods, using curved parquetry techniques. To showcase the natural colors and exquisite grain patterns of real wood, we refrain from using any artificial coloring and finish the wood with only a transparent coating. Due to the unique nature of natural wood, each piece is one-of-a-kind, ensuring that the finished product is truly a one-of-a-kind item in the world


The mini bag is made of 100% cotton canvas and incorporates natural wood from the cherry tree. The bag employs thick, durable No. 8 canvas from Japan while the handle is made of highly rare and valuable natural cherry tree wood.

Right-EAR L.L.C

Pillowspeaker™ is designed to be used pillow so that you can enjoy music or podcasts when you want to relax before bedtime or when you need to lie down for a while. The speaker employs a unique flat WSDD driver and delivers quality sound with little distortion.


About Tadokoro Hamono Marushin "Not just an ordinary knife, but one that can be crafted alongside artisans, truly a knife that is uniquely yours. Not a mass-produced item made by machines, but a knife meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. Its sharpness and durability are passed down from parent to child, and from child to grandchild. It connects Japan's tradition and pride to the next generation."

Products list

New hand towel

New face towel

New bath towel

BYBB scarf towel

Work socks regular

Sports socks

JuJu earring

earring tears1 pattern-D

earring drop2 pattern-H

pendant palette pattern-D

tie pin rectangle1 pattern-N

tie pin rectangle2 pattern-D

miniCherry Blossom mini cargo bag

Food mini totebag

Ag Cotton Stoles



Pillowspeaker PS-21-E

Petty Kiritsuke-style Knife

Santoku Kiritsuke-style Knife

Gyuto Knife

Aideba knife

Yanagi Kiritsuke-style Knife

Takohiki rounded tip knife

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