A revival of the once thriving Yokohama scarf.

A design that remains appealing and relevant today, despite being from approximately 60 years ago.

About Feuille De Cocoon

In the 1970s, approximately half of the world’s scarf distribution came from Yokohama Port. Now, from the “Yokohama Scarf Archive” preserved and managed in Yokohama City at that time, we have carefully selected and revived the Silk Scarf Series. While retaining the inherent elegance and sheen of silk, we have enhanced it for the modern era by applying special treatments that make it washable and more resistant to wear and tear.


Pursuit of global recognition and revival of Yokohama scarves to meet world standards.
Utilization of the extensive Yokohama Scarf Archive, which contains around 30,000 items.
Collaboration with century-old silk manufacturers across Japan for durable, “washable and resistant to wear” silk fabric.
Utilization of cutting-edge inkjet technology for small-scale production, facilitating the creation of unique custom designs through a blend of original and Yokohama Scarf Archive designs.

Attention to detail includes

Making the most of the distinctive and durable silk fabric by adding eyelets, allowing for versatile styling and multiple ways of wearing the scarf, as it can be used as a scarf ring.
The ability to thread it through items like S-shaped hooks, expanding its usage to serve as an interior decoration piece.

The packaging boxes are made using FSC-certified materials, demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Item Lineup

DURE The Oriental

DURE The Archives

DURE Extreme Silk


We have updated the scarves once exported from Yokohama Port, which contributed to Japan’s development, into modern versions. With high-quality silk that endures over time, these scarves are designed to be passed down from generation to generation, alongside the designs from the Yokohama Scarf Archive.

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