Kitano Aya’s Decolated Art

Accessories made by painter.

About Kitano Aya

I’m proposing items that would enhance life even just a little in the world of colors I see, creating things I’d want to have

About Kitano Aya’s story

I have been presenting my work, but originally, I wanted to be accepted by society as an abstract painter. I wanted to reflect my world and sense of color onto the world, but it didn’t go as well as I hoped. From there, I started creating things that come out of the canvas and take on the form of something wearable. Rather than just making accessories, I believe I’ve transformed my desired world into accessories. That’s why I think they became original pieces unlike anything else.

Brand features

Offering items that are unique, abstract, and desirable. Providing products that uplift spirits and bring positivity for tomorrow.

Item Lineup

The message

We will propose things that can only be found here. Please, I hope that I can be with you for a long time. thank you.

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