3rd OMOTENASHI Selection

About OMOTENASHI Selection

Bringing Japanese hospitality to the world's "OMOTENASHI brand"

OMOTENASHI Selection is a collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We started the award in 2015 with the desire to share these amazing products with the rest of the world.

This is a project that discovers people and companies that practice Japan’s world-class “hospitality”, as well as products and services born from their hearts, and continuously disseminates them both domestically and internationally.

The purpose of OMOTENASHI NIPPON is to spread awareness of the wonderfulness of Japanese products and services to people in and outside of Japan, starting with Japanese hospitality.

Brand list

Alpha Stick
Alpha Team LLC (Aichi)

Alpha Team LLC is a specialized manufacturer and retailer of chopsticks located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, offering from ready-made designs to custom-made options. The company’s flagship product, the “Alpha Stick,” provides exceptional usability with its ability to easily grip food with minimal effort. The upper part of the chopsticks can also be customized with a design to add a personal touch. The “Ma & Mi Series” is meticulously handcrafted by two renowned chopstick artists, Ma-Chan and Mi-Chan. Each pair of chopsticks is a unique work of art, individually created with great care and attention to detail. Embracing the theme of “one-of-a-kind chopsticks found nowhere else in the world,” Ma-Chan specializes in designing “POP” and “Sweet” styles, while Mi-Chan excels in creating designs inspired by “Space,” “Nature,” and “Flora and Fauna.” Every piece is adorned with individual and distinctive decorations, making them truly one-of-a-kind. The Ma & Mi Series also caters to custom-made orders. The beautiful chopsticks are perfect not only for personal use but also as gifts for special occasions, celebrations, or memorable events. The personally designed chopsticks bring a touch of individuality to the dining table, making mealtimes even more enjoyable.

ashifumi kenkolife
KENKO LIFE CO., LTD. (Fukuoka)

“Ashifumi kenkolife” is a health device that allows for easy foot-pedaling exercises while seated. It was developed to prevent reduced blood flow caused by prolonged sitting. Reduced blood flow can lead to conditions such as lower back pain, sensitivity to cold, and lifestyle-related diseases. In recent years, research from various countries has highlighted the risks of prolonged sitting and its negative impact on health. It is said that blood flow can drop by 70% after sitting for 30 minutes, whereas foot-pedaling exercises can efficiently deliver blood (oxygen and nutrients) throughout the body. This product utilizes the principle of a cycloid curve, enabling effective foot movement with minimal effort without the use of electricity or motors so there is minimal burden on the feet. It allows the user to move their hip joints like walking while seated, which also helps to relax the leg and waist muscles. A major advantage is its ease of use, making it an effortless daily habit. Weighing only 1.6kg and compact in size, it is convenient to carry around. Crafted by skilled artisans, the device is made from aromatic Oguni cedar solid wood, with meticulous attention given to each piece during the manufacturing process. It can support blood flow care in different settings, such as combatting the lack of exercise due to prolonged desk work or assisting in rehabilitation from the aftereffects of a stroke.

AVVERA Thoughtful Underwear - Seamless Organic Cotton
Ishikawa Giken Co., Ltd. (Shiga)

AVVERA is a factory brand of environmentally and skin friendly products using high-quality unstained materials made with 100% organic cotton, operated by Ishikawa Giken, a manufacturer of domestic and international apparels based in Hikone city, Shiga Prefecture. The “Thoughtful Underwear – Seamless Organic Cotton” is an underwear made with original fabric woven only with fine #80 thread created from ultimate pima, a rare organic cotton variety, and manufactured with specialized machinery and processing. By reducing irritation on the skin to the absolute minimum, the underwear is stress-free even for people with fragile or sensitive skin. Originally a sewing factory, the company started the AVVERA brand specializing in organic cotton when they learned of the people who suffer from atopic dermatitis. Determined to provide 100% organic cotton clothing that can be safely worn by people with skin troubles such as allergies, sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis, the company spent about nine years developing the original fabric that is light and soft as silk, with comfortable stretchiness. While the fabric itself is extremely gentle on the skin, the company went even further to develop a special processing technique of bonding fabrics without using thread. By minimizing any bumps resulting from stitching or layering, the seamless fabric further reduces stress and friction on the skin. From the materials to the fabric and processing, the product makes every effort to minimize skin irritation in all aspects in order to support and offer a solution to people with skin troubles.

Bridge and Blend “Six in Sense”
Project Felicia (Tokyo)

Bridge and Blend “Six in Sense” is an incense inspired by Japanese blends from 1000 years ago. It is a modern recreation, as authentic blends as possible, of “Mukusa no Takimono (Six Kinds of kneaded Incense)”, a representation of scent of the Heian period (794 – 1185). The brand began when the founder returned to Japan after living abroad for a long time and asked herself the question, “What is the SCENT of JAPAN?” In her search for the answer, she came into contact with these scents that appear in the Tale of Genji as well as the culture of freely enjoying fragrances, and her desire to pass on traditional Japanese scents to the next 1000 years led to the development of the brand. 3 main features of “Six in Sense”: (1) 100% natural ingredients (2) Handmade in Awaji Island, where approximately 70% of Japanese incense is produced (3) Sustainable-conscious packaging. In addition, 1% of sales are donated to environmental protection activities through 1% for the Planet. In this digital age where information overflows nonstop, we want you to enjoy a moment to adjust their “mind” through the analog act of lighting incense, following the smoke with your eyes, and listening to the fragrances. “Six in Sense” is an incense that rediscovers “SCENT of JAPAN” that transcends 1000 years in Japan, and connects the past to the present.

GANKOAN Kasukabe papier-mache
Kasukabe paper mache doll shop LLC (Saitama)

Kasukabe papier-mache is a traditional craft of Kasukabe City in Saitama Prefecture. GANKOAN (Kasukabe papier-mache doll shop LLC) takes the foundation of traditional papier-mache dolls, a local folk toy passed down through generations, and creates, displays and sells various creatively handmade dolls using natural materials such as clay, wood and washi paper. The distinctive feature of the shop is its creative approach while remaining rooted in traditional craftsmanship to produce a diverse range of items such as auspicious figurines, seasonal dolls, zodiac animals and character dolls. While maintaining the techniques and customs inherited since the Edo period, the shop also produces works tailored to year-round events. Papier-mache involves layering washi paper onto a mold, allowing it to dry, then removing it from the mold and applying colors. All processes are managed by a single individual. The “beckoning cat” (Maneki-neko) has been cherished as a symbol of inviting various forms of fortune since the Edo period. Kasukabe papier-mache doll shop not only features traditional designs but also infuses diverse ideas onto canvases shaped as the beckoning cat, creating unique pieces that depart from convention. From cat enthusiasts to people of all ages and genders, and regardless of nationality, its works have gained popularity among a wide range of individuals. The papier-mache dog has been loved by ordinary people since the Edo period. Due to their reputation for being prolific breeders and symbolizing safe childbirth, the papier-mache dog can be given as a gift for celebrations of birth, birthdays, and as a prayer for children’s growth.

Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Series

Born in Gero hot spring resort known as the birthplace of Japanese traditional medicinal compress sheets, the Geroko Monogatari Nagomi series uses traditional methods and Japanese-Chinese plant extracts for the ingredients. The aromatic Geroko Monogatari Nagomi sheets are made by applying Japanese-Chinese plant extracts to Mino washi paper. Imbued with a subtle aroma of 16 kinds of essential oils from domestically grown plants such as Japanese peppermint, yuzu citrus, ginger and hinoki cypress, these sheets will infuse your body with a pleasant soothing effect to rid yourself of any aches and pains. Apply them to the sole of your foot, calves, shoulders or lower back for the most effective results. Best to use them during the day or between your evening bath and bedtime. In addition, Yokihada Soap containing natural plant extracts and essential oils, Nagomi Bath Powder for beautiful skin, Nagomi Mask that has a Nagomi aromatic sheet inserted, and 100% plant-based Yokihada Puff konjac sponge made in Hida City have been newly added to the series lineup. The soap has a round shape just like a Japanese traditional “tama yokan” sweet that has a jellied bean paste inside a balloon. As you break it with a toothpick, the jelly-like soap comes out. The tray can be used to hold the soap. The fragrance and colors of the soap are both made using only natural ingredients without any preservative so that anyone can use it with peace of mind. The skin is left so smooth by using the soap with the konjac facial sponge while the subtle aroma of the essential oils and the Japanese-Chinese plant extracts gently soothe your body.

Kotsukan Aero Duct The Long

Developed based on the designer’s own experience of having travelled abroad for business approximately 100 days annually for 15 years, this portable clothes-drying balloon aims at lightening your overall luggage by reducing the amount of clothing you pack when travelling, and thereby reducing the burden on your body. Washing/drying your clothes at your accommodation is essential to reduce the amount of clothing you bring, but ensuring portability and quick drying is also another important point. After much trial and error as well as a number of tests onsite over three years, the initial model was finally commercialized. Weighting only 170 g, the product can fit into B5-size envelope making it extremely portable while allowing you to dry a dress shirt, underwear and socks without creasing in as little as 10 minutes all at the same time in your hotel room. Also, because it uses a hair dryer provided in the room, you don’t have to bring anything else to dry your clothes so you can go on a business trip with just a carry-on baggage. “The Long” is a new model that can be used to dry longer coats and dresses. In addition, minimizing luggage leads to reducing the total weight of the aircraft, which contributes to curtailing fuel load and CO2 emissions thereby allowing you to help achieve the SDGs. Not just on the road, but the product is also useful at home, for example, to dry a clothing you forgot to wash, after removing stains from clothing, or when wet from a sudden guerrilla downpour.

〜 Designed to experience japanese the japanese aesthetic through the act of writing 〜
KOYOMI(Toshoinban Co., Ltd.) (Kanagawa)

Experience the essence of Japanese calligraphy with ease through this day-to-day flip calendar. Each page, containing the date for each day, showcases a kanji character created by the calligrapher. There is a designated space to practice writing the same character, following the example. As you turn the pages, you encounter various kanji characters so you can confirm their meanings and usage, while also exploring the charm of calligraphy and the beauty of handwritten characters. A few moments spent writing kanji offer a relaxing escape from bustling everyday life. The artist behind the 365 characters, Mohri Suzuki, is a calligrapher who achieved the highest awards at one of the world’s top four calligraphy exhibitions, the Mainichi Shodo (calligraphy) Exhibition, at an exceptionally young age. In an age where unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic and conflicts disrupt the world, the act of writing can offer a brief respite, allowing you to step away from smartphones and the internet. It is a chance to focus exclusively on your breath, the sensation of your hands, the shapes of the characters, and the touch of the brush. It is a way to immerse in a moment of concentration. It is hoped that the characters users write in this calendar will transcend language barriers, creating a space where thoughts of peace can flourish. The calendar serves as an excellent choice for souvenirs to share abroad or as presents for friends. Both givers and recipients can experience and appreciate the beauty of Japan through this meaningful gift.


OXO is a skincare brand of MQ SKIN LABORATORIES, which develops skincare items focusing on oxygen. OXO KAZE Soap, which is created under this all-new skincare brand, is a facial soap formulated with only natural ingredients based on oxygen-rich water. It can be used not only for facial cleansing but also for the entire body. Although purified water is commonly used in the production of cosmetics, MQ SKIN LABORATORIES was very careful about the water used for the core of the company’s cosmetics. The lack of oxygen has a negative impact on many living organisms, but it is also related to the condition of human skin, such as a decline in skin cell metabolism (turnover), which is necessary to maintain skin health. In order to compensate for the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the body caused by various factors such as aging, environmental factors, lifestyle and stress, OXO KAZE Soap uses 100% highly concentrated oxygenated water, which has been patented in three countries around the world. In addition to the water, the soap contains carefully selected plant-based moisturizing ingredients such as rice bran oil, yuzu juice, turmeric extract and yogurt solution (lactic acid fermentation liquid derived from milk such as whey). While thoroughly washing off the skin with the soap, it improves the circulation of oxygen, as well as moisturizes and conditions the skin. In order to maximize the quality of the ingredients and fragrance, the company uses a handmade and naturally dried (cold process) manufacturing method. It is as gentle as that it can even be used on babies’ skin because the soap is preservative-free and additive-free. MQ SKIN LABORATORIES provides healthy and beautiful skin through the simple two-step process of “washing” and “moisturizing.”

interior fukuta Co., Ltd. (Tottori)

Introducing a convenient and portable tatami flooring solution, “Pitari okitatami” (tatami by-the-sheet) offers a quick way to create a tatami space anywhere. Tatami has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries, serving as a place for relaxation, family bonding and everyday life. In recent years, its appeal has extended to people worldwide, drawing attention for its aesthetics and fragrance. With Pitari okitatami, one can easily create a unique tatami space anywhere, such as a cozy corner of a living room or bedroom. Simply measure the area and place an order for a customized tatami set. The aim is to bring the allure of traditional Japanese tatami to the home by making them accessible, lightweight and durable, offering a perfect choice for souvenirs or personal use. The surface of tatami mats is usually covered with “igusa” (rush straw), but with Pitari okitatami mats, washi (Japanese paper) is processed to have a similar texture and durability to igusa, providing a more comfortable and long-lasting experience. Japanese traditional washi paper has longer and thinner fibers than Western paper, making it both thin and strong. It is also resistant to mold, ensuring hygiene. A lightweight and sturdy option has been chosen for the core material to ensure easy portability. Each mat is meticulously crafted using the traditional ladder stitch technique, ensuring that threads won’t break or unravel. Take a piece of Japanese culture as a memento of your journey. By placing it on the floor, a corner of your room can be transformed into a Japanese-style space, providing you with the experience of tatami culture.


This half-length single-toothed geta sandal reaches about halfway down the foot. Single-toothed geta have a history of over a thousand years in Japan as traditional footwear that helps maintain balance by elongating the spine and aligning one’s core. The half-length version stimulates the arch of the foot, improving blood circulation and further enhancing posture. It doesn’t take long to get used to the feeling of gripping the thong strap with one’s toes, and walking becomes even more enjoyable through the rhythmical movement of each step. This type of geta has become popular across all age groups and is versatile enough to be used in walking, core training and other sports. The arched structure provides a comfortable fit and reduces the burden on flat feet. Using them while sitting can enhance flexibility in the ankles and hip joints, alleviating the sedentary lifestyle that often comes with desk work. Wearing them during daily activities such as cleaning, washing or cooking, enables moderate exercise in one’s routine. Rubber on the ground contact area means they won’t damage hardwood floors when used indoors or for walking exercises. The thong straps are dyed using traditional coloring techniques by artisans from Kyoto, thus imbuing features of Japan’s delicate and beautiful culture. These single-toothed geta not only contribute to one’s health but also connect to Japan’s history and culture and may fast become one’s go-to footwear.

SUMIKA KIMINOKI series. Tension type wooden cat tower
【high-end model】
SUMIKA (TIRAMISU Co., Ltd.) (Tokyo)

This tension-type cat tower takes into consideration both the natural behaviors and safety of cats. In the high-end model, SUMIKA has partnered with factories dedicated to rescue cat initiatives, prioritizing safety in product development. For instance, when fastening the ropes around the support pillars, most manufacturers use small metal fittings due to the ease and cost-effectiveness of machine manufacturing. Recognizing the potential danger of these fittings being ingested by cats, a decision was made to eliminate them. Instead, all rope-wrapping is meticulously done by hand, a decision made after consulting with skilled craftspeople. The design incorporates natural wood on the base and steps, known to be favored by cats. The ropes used for scratching are made of soft, natural hemp that is gentle on their paws and minimally scented. There is also a choice between two rope materials: natural hemp and white cotton, which adds a touch of interior elegance. To ensure durability, a variety of parts can be obtained separately such as support pillars, beds, and balconies, each with different lengths. This versatile selection allows for customization, catering to your cat’s growth, temperament, household size, and interior aesthetics. For cats that require vertical play, this presents a haven that retains their innate feline essence as they age—a space that embodies their true nature.

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