Fragments of the Earth

I am using "fragments of the Earth" as the material.

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Ametsuchi STAR Story’s

When surrounded by nature or touching the ‘fragments of the Earth’ such as stones, soil, and sand, there’s a soothing and calming sensation. It’s as if we, humans, are a part of the Earth, born from it, and deep down, we truly understand its beauty and greatness.

At Ametsuchi, our desire stems from wanting to bring people and the Earth closer together. We have been blessed with connections from all over the country, and we present products that showcase the materials in their true form, expressing our heartfelt intention to bridge the gap between people and the Earth.

The brand's features

The birth of Ametsuchi began when my sister CHIE, who runs an aromatherapy salon at home, asked her younger sister to create herbal pillows as Christmas event products. From there, through numerous trials and errors involving changes in content and bag materials, the current product, the ‘Grounded and Balanced Pillow’ transformed into the Sand Pillow.

On the other hand, the ‘Earth-Adorned Stole’ originated when looking for natural materials for clients to wear during touch care sessions using shells at events. The idea of using natural colors and trying out earth dyeing led to the creation of this product. Now, we are fortunate to receive materials from various places, using them as dyes for stoles and handcrafted Japanese paper, introducing them as unique products. When touched and felt, one should be able to sense the distinct energy each land carries.

Our commitment

The materials are born from the Earth and return to the Earth. Even when present on Earth, I aim to use materials that harmonize seamlessly, avoiding any sense of discord and maintaining an affinity with the Earth.

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