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“Ambiente” is the world’s largest BtoB international consumer goods trade fair held annually in Frankfurt, Germany.

Featuring a diverse array of products from around the world, including tableware, kitchenware, interior accessories, stationery, and gift items, Ambiente serves as a significant trade fair that enriches everyday life and is considered an industry benchmark.

Starting from the year 2023, this trade fair will be held concurrently with the international trade fair “Christmas World” for seasonal decorations and the international trade fair “Creative World” specializing in hobby, craft, and DIY supplies. During this simultaneous event, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of product lineups across various categories, all within a single venue.


26-30 January 

Opening times

Friday to Monday
26. – 29. January 9:00-18:00
30. January 9:00-17:00


Over 150,000 in 2023


Frankfurt International Exhibition Center, Germany

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Brand vendors exhibiting

〜 Tokyo Pavilion 〜


Two functions at the same time: SlideNote is a folder and a notebook in one. Paper without holes can be easily pinched and removed. The robust plastic material allows you to write while standing. The simple design and color variations make it easy to use in all situations.
SlideNote received the Good Design Award 2021 for its functionality and aesthetics.

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Thanks to the unique silicone coating, wemo - wearable memo - can be used for notes with a ballpoint pen that can easily be completely erased. The unique “notepad” can therefore be used again and again. Its waterproof surface also allows you to take notes while working in an environment where you come into contact with water.
Employees in hectic work environments such as healthcare, construction, courier services or the catering industry appreciate the advantages of this product and choose wemo as a bracelet, sheet, mobile phone case or ID card holder depending on their needs.

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"Beyond Fun, Emotion, and Creativity."
It is possible for anyone to handcraft sophisticated figures such as Japanese traditional motifs or anime characters. "TAKUMI" consists of three series of 3D puzzles made of natural materials: "wa-gu-mi" made of bamboo, "ki-gu-mi" made of wood and "shi-gu-mi" made of cardboard. Extraordinary figures are created piece by piece from the puzzle pieces that are precisely cut out using laser cutting.
"wa-gu-mi" is also available in the MoMA museum shop in New York.

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DOCTORAIR-Serie a Allein auf dem japanischen Markt erreichte die Gun-Serie Verkaufszahlen von einer millionen.
DOCTORAIR erhielt zahlreiche Designpreise für die funktionelle Schönheit seiner Produkte mit dem Fokus auf "Funktion × Material × Form" verliehen.

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Foot Free

Insoles specially developed for training the foot muscles. When you walk in everyday life, the soles of your feet are trained. With long-term use, not only is the posture corrected, but the soles of the feet are also stabilized so that they maintain the body axis on their own, even without insoles.
Foot Free is a luxurious health item that goes beyond the concept of classic insoles and provides holistic support for the body. The effect is scientifically proven.

It is a luxury item that goes beyond the concept of insoles

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