Elegant Mizuhiki Accessories

Delicate items featuring floral motifs and curves accentuated with Mizuhiki

About green leaf

Mizuhiki has been around for a long time, but we aim to incorporate it not only into traditional Japanese attire but also to be worn more casually with everyday clothing. Our designs focus on accessories that can be worn in daily life, effortlessly paired with Western outfits, bringing out individuality for dates and parties.

green leaf’s story

Since childhood, I have had a natural affinity for Japanese culture and crafts, stemming from fond memories of my mother dressing me in kimono and yukata.

The idea to create accessories to accompany yukata sparked my interest in Mizuhiki crafting when I couldn’t find any available in the market. I began by unraveling Mizuhiki cords from celebratory envelopes.

Furthermore, I have enjoyed knitting for over 20 years, dabbling in various techniques such as crochet and lacework. The similarity between the action of “tying” in Mizuhiki and “knitting” in yarn crafts also drew me to Mizuhiki.

In 2020, Mizuhiki accessories had yet to gain widespread popularity, remaining niche. This, coupled with my desire to do something unconventional, motivated me to embark on creating Mizuhiki accessories.

The features of green leaf

The primary characteristic lies in creating designs using Mizuhiki techniques that no one else does.

This stems from my cultivated skills in knitting and a fondness for antique European aesthetics.

Our accessories showcase a rich variety of color options, utilizing Mizuhiki to accentuate motifs inspired by Japanese seasonal flowers, such as the vibrant cherry blossom. We also offer accessories crafted from Mizuhiki with metallic threads, giving them a matte texture with delicate designs resembling lace patterns or silver wirework.

Moreover, our lineup includes Mizuhiki jewelry designed to showcase the lightweight and colorful nature of Mizuhiki, featuring luxurious and elaborate designs reminiscent of traditional jewelry craftsmanship.


We don’t seek classical designs typical of Mizuhiki artisans because they tend to be too conventional and lack excitement.
In my accessories, combining the vibrancy and lightness of Mizuhiki with Swarovski crystals or pearls instantly elevates their elegance. While maintaining a deep understanding and proper execution of Mizuhiki techniques, I intentionally minimize the traditional “Mizuhiki look” to create items suitable for various occasions.
A prime example of this approach is our cherry blossom earrings. These became incredibly popular when we exhibited them at the Japan Expo Paris in 2022. Crafted with two techniques to create semi-three-dimensional petals and adorned with White Patina crystals, they sold out thanks to their rich color variations, totaling 16 hues.
Furthermore, aiming for an aesthetic akin to gold or silver accessories, I explore designs that elegantly showcase the suppleness of Mizuhiki in graceful curves. These have been particularly popular for wedding attendees and garnered attention from Yamasaki Seisa Co., Ltd., a chain manufacturer in Toyama Prefecture. In January 2024, we collaborated to exhibit at the IJT International Jewelry Trade Fair.
Additionally, we embarked on the unprecedented endeavor of creating Mizuhiki jewelry starting in 2021 and have completed 10 pieces to date. In 2023, we received a certificate of appreciation for exhibiting at the To-ji Temple in Kyoto. Furthermore, we were honored with the Craft Award at an exhibition in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, renowned for its craftsmanship. Being recognized in Kanazawa, a city synonymous with craftsmanship, is a tremendous honor.



Western-style accessories delicately crafted to leverage the lightweight nature of Mizuhiki, while ensuring a balance that adds glamour without appearing too heavy, all while concealing Mizuhiki’s presence in intricate details.


We also accept semi-custom orders, such as color changes. Additionally, we offer custom Mizuhiki jewelry orders

Item Lineup

The message

Traditional Mizuhiki crafts are actually processed paper products. We believe that transforming them into accessories and jewelry is groundbreaking. We hope you’ll enjoy the lightweight nature, vibrant colors, and versatile forms of Mizuhiki.

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