Unique natural stone accessories that shine with personality.

Simple yet high-quality natural stone accessories perfect for everyday wear.


We named it SPICY COLORS with the aim of delivering jewelry with beautiful hues that add spice to fashion. Each natural stone accessory, meticulously crafted with carefully selected gemstones and our unique techniques, is designed to be simple yet radiate individuality. We also incorporate bead accessory techniques, constantly exploring designs exclusive to SPICY COLORS


It all began in 2000. Initially a hobby, my bead accessory creations started attracting attention. I began providing designs for specialized magazines, taught accessory-making workshops, and alongside these activities, I launched my own brand. I sold bead and natural stone accessories through online platforms, consignment stores, and events. Presently, alongside teaching, I retail natural stone jewelry on major Japanese online retailers like ‘ZOZOTOWN’. I’ve been creating accessories for 24 years since 2000.

The features of SPICY COLORS

We create unique natural stone jewelry with original designs exclusive to SPICY COLORS, such as versatile earrings that can be worn in two ways, asymmetrical earrings, and uncommonly designed rings.

Item Lineup

How about giving birthstone accessories as gifts to your loved ones? We craft special hoop earrings by threading birthstones and freshwater pearls onto simple hoops, representing each month from January to December. It’s a thoughtful way to celebrate each individual’s birth month with a unique accessory.

Gradient earrings… We’ve assembled beautiful color stones in similar shades. A brand tag that only appears on one side serves as an accent.

The Shell Flower Fork Ring… Each fork ring has a gap in the middle and is adjustable in size, making it a delightful gift option. The flower-shaped shell is intricately carved, with a glass stone placed in the center.

The message

We meticulously craft natural stones that have taken years to form on Earth into materials and designs suitable for daily wear. We pay attention to both the materials and designs to ensure our jewelry meets high standards. We would be delighted to see our pieces cherished not only by individuals in Japan but also by people around the world.

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