Pillowspeaker PS-21-E


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  • Brand: Right-EAR
  • Colors:brown stripes,pink stripes,blue stripes,light brown stripes,light pink,mustard color
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 7 days
  • No power source is required

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About Pillowspeaker PS-21-E

A speaker used when sleeping, A pillowspeaker is placed under the pillow for use. If the pillow is not very sound-transmissive, you can also place it on top of the pillow, using a towel or something similar if necessary.

The usage is simple

Using a pillowspeaker is straightforward. It’s just like using earphones. You can use it with most devices that have a headphone jack, such as radios, portable audio players, Bluetooth receivers, smartphones, and tablet devices.


No power source is required
Unlike wireless devices such as wireless earphones that need a power source, the PS-21-E/L pillowspeaker operates using the power from the headphone output of the playback device. Just like regular wired earphones, you can connect it to devices that have a headphone jack

Pillowspeakers are super thin

The pillowspeaker is not built into the pillow so that it can be used with a familiar pillow.

It uses an ultra-thin full surface direct drive (WSDD) type flat diaphragm speaker driver and is finished with minimal thickness.

That’s why you can hardly tell where it is when you put it under your pillow.

The Pillowspeaker is enveloped in a simple and warm cotton cover that seamlessly blends with your bedding. It’s so thin that you’ll hardly notice where it is under your pillow. Of course, it won’t be as cumbersome as earphones or headphones with their cords.

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Pattern-2:brown stripes, Pattern-3:pink stripes, Pattern-7:blue stripes, Pattern-8:light brown stripes, Pattern-9:light pink, Patern-10:mustard

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