Santoku Kiritsuke-style Knife (Multi-purpose chef knife)

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  • Brand: Tadokoro Hamono Marushin
  • Minimum lot available
  • Order quantity: 5
  • Blade length: 180mm
  • Material:Silver 3 (Yasuki Silver-3)
  • Handle Type: Wood ring with black rosewood
  • Finish:Machi mirror polishing, Mine edge thinning, Small bevel
  • Furoshiki cover: Yes or No
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 120-180 days
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About Santoku Kiritsuke-style Knife (Multi-purpose chef knife)

Makoto Series / Double-Edged /Santoku Kiritsuke-style Knife (Multi-purpose chef knife)

In addition to the typical functionality of a Santoku knife, this knife features a blade tip shaped like a sword, allowing for decorative cutting and more. With its stylish appearance and excellent balance when held, it is a highly popular knife.

About Tadokoro Hamono Marushin

“Not just an ordinary knife, but one that can be crafted alongside artisans,

truly a knife that is uniquely yours.

Not a mass-produced item made by machines, but a knife meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Its sharpness and durability are passed down from parent to child, and from child to grandchild.

It connects Japan’s tradition and pride to the next generation.”

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Furoshiki cover

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Santoku Kiritsuke-style Knife (Multi-purpose chef knife)

1197,89 1207,89