Ag Cotton Stoles


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  • One order per 3pices
  • Colors:Brown,Khaki,Wine,White,Black
  • Material:All Japan cotton
  • Size:29*160cm
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 5 days
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Ag Cotton Stoles

Cherry blossoms are representative flowering trees for the Japanese people. The annual spectacle of cherry blossoms in full bloom is a time when people immerse themselves in deep emotions. The joy of being able to encounter cherry blossom trees in daily life can be said to be special compared to other tree species.

The wood of the cherry blossom tree is delicate and elegant, yet remarkably durable. When you use it, the sensation of the wood against your hand is pleasantly refined, and the more you use it, the deeper your affection for it grows.

As cherry blossom trees are naturally occurring and considered rare, they can be enjoyed as a small luxury fashion item. For foreigners, we hope that through this bag, you can feel the spirit of Japanese culture firsthand.

The pockets on both sides are sized to fit smartphones and 500ml PET bottles. The main body is designed to fit perfectly in a golf cart pocket. This bag, with its simple and charming design, is a durable product that you can enjoy for an extended period.”

Please note that this translation is for reference and may require some minor adjustments based on the specific context or intended audience.

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Brown, Khaki, Wine, White, Black

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