About aluna

Aluna, with 55 years of experience crafting aluminum frames, presents a premium aluminum frame brand.


The creator of ALUMIUM is the aluminum frame manufacturer ‘Aluna,’ with over 55 years of expertise. Although frames may appear as simple products, they undergo various stages, including casting from raw materials, surface treatment, cutting, and assembly, involving the hands of skilled artisans. Through collaborative effort in each step, the ‘ALUMIUM’ series comes to life.

The crochet knitted bags are crafted by female artisans in Nepal, contributing to employment creation and sustenance. Each bag is hand-knitted by these artisans, with designs sent from Japan. The handles and linings, made from Japanese materials, are then combined in Japan to create functional and user-friendly bags.


The inspiration behind this project stems from the desire to share the joy of beautifully decorating one’s surroundings with photos, posters, and artworks. Placing them in frames brings the pieces to life, adding vibrancy. Whether displayed on walls or arranged on shelves, these framed works contribute to embellishing the living space. We hope that a life adorned with frames becomes a delightful part of your everyday living experience.

About the product

ALUMIUM frames boast a remarkably simple yet purposeful design. Each element of their simplicity has a reason, a function, and significance. The most crucial aspect is that the frame is not the star but a supporting role. With the aim of enhancing the artwork and seamlessly integrating into daily life, the ALUMIUM series features refined design.

We use Made in Japan aluminum as the material, treating it with surface processing to preserve the unique texture of aluminum. Additionally, UV acrylic is employed to protect the artwork from light exposure. Even the smallest components, such as screws and hanging hardware, have been redesigned. It is these incremental improvements that contribute to the strength and support of the ALUMIUM series.

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