A three-dimensional collection crafted by professionals

Brand concept

A series presented by Aluna, with decades of experience crafting frames. A three-dimensional collection crafted by professionals in the art of ‘decorating,’ showcasing their expertise in the world of framing.

Product concept

Aluna’s collection cases span a wide range, offering a diverse lineup from classic uniforms to golf clubs, soccer balls, bats, and more. You can showcase the tools of excitement from thrilling matches and the memorable equipment that holds sentimental value.


Aluna’s frames are characterized by a simple and high-quality design, seamlessly integrating with interiors and adding a touch of elegance to spaces without overshadowing artworks or other décor.
With over 55 years of experience, Aluna is a pioneer in the aluminum frame manufacturing industry. While frames may appear as simple products at first glance, the precision and skill required for their creation are immense. Each frame undergoes the expertise of various artisans, from surface treatment to cutting and assembly, to achieve its final form.

For you

Aluna’s collection cases, including both the frames and the materials inside, are thoughtfully designed to complement the items being displayed. Various options are available to suit the aesthetics of the displayed pieces

From luxurious, silk-like velvet to artificial turf that conveys excitement directly, you can choose from a range of options to meet your specific needs and preferences

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Front-opening artificial turf luxury display case

basketball uniforms case

luxury golf ball display case

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