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  • Brand:S.A Arts&Crafts
  • No minimum lot
  • All handmade
  • Size:height: 3.3cm width: 2.3cm
  • Weight:about 23g
  • Made in Japan
  • Time to ship: within 14 days
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  • Attention!
  • *It is all handmade,That’s way, there are little bit diffrent  in size and weight each others.
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S.A Arts&Crafts “glass drop object / wind of fresh green “

After the peak season of spring when colorful flowers bloom, it’s time for the fresh greenery to regain a little calmness.
Light and gentle green will color the city and mountains.
Not only the trees, but also the undergrowth swaying under your feet are dyed in a faint and gentle green, making you feel the change of seasons.

A refreshing breeze in the fresh green that sways the leaves of flowers and trees.
I created a drop of glass by layering the glass that I chose the color while imagining the comfort and color.
Finally, one roll, two rolls of transparent glass with finely kneaded silver leaf. It gave a glow like sunlight.

I use a corner of my living room as a small workshop and use a burner to melt the glass.
I feel that the gentle curves created by the tenacity, gravity, and centrifugal force of glass and its transparency are unique to glass.

The bottom of the glass is slightly flattened so that it can stand on its own as an ornament.
If you touch it, it will sway and sway, but if it is flat and stable, you can display it without any problems.

Delicate and elegant colors of nature. It’s difficult to express it as it is, and I can’t say it’s done, but I want to express the kindness and excitement I felt there in my work.

The window where the light hits, on the desk, at the entrance…
We would appreciate it if you could display it anywhere you like and enjoy the transparency, colors, and soft form that are unique to glass.


Since it is made of glass, be careful not to subject it to strong impacts or sudden changes in temperature.

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S.A Arts&Crafts


height: 3.3cm/ width: 2.3cm



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S.A Arts&Crafts-glass drop object / wind of fresh green