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It is a set of 10 SminkArt coloring book stickers (2 types each for dogs and cats, space, pop, Japanese, and plants).

Currently, SminkArt coloring stickers are roughly divided into 5 types of designs, and each pattern has 2 designs each.

This item is a bargain item for all of these (2 patterns x 5 types of A4 size 10 sheets).

How about as a gift or present for your loved ones?


It is a sticker-type coloring book that can be drawn with cosmetics, watercolors, colored pencils, crayons, water-based pens, etc.

Designed by professional painters and artists.

Not only can you put it in a frame and decorate it as a single work, but it is also designed so that it can be cut into stickers or stickers for various scenes (for gifts, notebooks, albums, calendars, colored paper) and pasted.

* The coloring sticker on the white background is woodfree paper + strong adhesive.

* The coloring sticker on the black background is Japanese paper + strong adhesive.

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Smink Art-Coloring book sticker/10 sheets A4 × 5


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