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A retractable beeswax stick.

・Brand: sunrockhacci
・Minimum Lot : 3 pieces
・1 order quantity is 3 pieces
・Made in Japan
・Materia: Unrefined Japanese Bee Beeswax / 100% organic jojoba oil


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sunrockhacci  “Japanese honeybee beeswax stick care/size L”
〜 Recommended for heels 〜

Beeswax from Japanese honeybees that does not contain allergens
I made a versatile beeswax cream using only safe and secure natural ingredients.

Raw material

Unrefined Japanese Bee Beeswax
100% organic jojoba oil

What is Japanese Honey Bee?

It is a native species of wild honeybee that has inhabited Japan since ancient times, and the beeswax that builds the hives is collected only once a year, so the natural ingredients stored in the hives are rich and have a high scarcity value. – Restorative ingredients.

Beeswax is a wax component produced by the honeybees themselves, and the beeswax of Japanese bees, which spend the harsh winters at high altitudes, is especially valued.

This product uses homemade, unrefined beeswax from Japanese honeybees harvested in Kikuka Town, Kitasanroku, Kumamoto Prefecture.


The Japanese honey bee beeswax in this product is a safe ingredient for food, but due to the manufacturing process, please use it at your own risk when applying it to your skin.

The product manufacturing method also uses a manufacturing method that leaves a lot of natural ingredients by lowering the solid melting point of beeswax to the limit and spending time.

Like natural honey that is additive-free, unheated, and unprocessed,

Please do not use it for children under 1 year old.

Since it is a retractable type, it is convenient to apply only where you want to use it.

We don’t add any artificial materials such as polymers or silicones to make your skin feel better.

Immediately after application, it feels sticky, but after about 5 minutes, the stickiness disappears and you can feel the moist texture. All of the products used are unrefined organic materials, and natural ingredients may be mixed in the cream, but you can use it without any problems.

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Minimum lot

3 pieces

Country of origin


Raw material

Unrefined Japanese Bee Beeswax 100% organic jojoba oil

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sunrockhacci-Japanese honeybee beeswax stick care L × 3