Petty Knife

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  • Brand: Tadokoro Hamono Marushin
  • Minimum lot available
  • Order quantity: 5
  • Blade length:150mm
  • Material: White 2, White 1, Blue 2, Blue 1,Silver 3 (Yasuki Silver-3), V Gold 10 (Takefu Special V Gold 10)
  • Handle Type: Wood ring with black rosewood
  • Finish: Honkasumi Super-fine,Mine edge thinning, Small bevel
  • Furoshiki cover: Yes or No
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 120-180 days
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About petty knife

The Makoto Series / Double-Edged / Petty Knife

This knife is primarily used for peeling, decorative cutting, and slicing small fruits and vegetables that fit in the palm of your hand. It offers excellent manoeuvrability and is preferred by those who prefer a slimmer knife over santoku or chef’s knives, making it a versatile option.

It is also a favourite among baking enthusiasts, as it excels at creating precise cuts in delicate ingredients, such as decorating fruits or slicing soft chiffon cakes. Its compact size also makes it a popular choice for outdoor use.

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Furoshiki cover

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1027,15 1037,15