CUT / luxury picture frame

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  • Brand:aluna
  • No minimum lot
  • Colors:4 ver
  • Size:3 types
  • Production thickness: up to 5mm
  • Frame width: 7mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Design:Anzumi Mitsuboshi
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Time to ship: Within 14 days
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About CUT / luxury picture frame

“aluna” will continue to create “sincerity products” that we provide wholeheartedly so that you can enjoy the “joy of decorating”.

It is a picture frame with a sharp impression by cutting off the edges. When viewed from the front, you can concentrate on the work without being too conscious of the forehead. In addition, when viewed from an angle, the sides are chamfered, giving the frame a light impression that seems to float from the wall. The surface is shot-blasted and matte-coated to create the feel and quality of the aluminum material.

Received 2019 Good Design Award and “DFA design foe ASIA 2020”

From 2022, new colors “White” and “Namazai” have been added.

“White”, which combines gentleness and luxury, and “Raw material”, which allows you to enjoy the original texture of the material without any processing.
Both are colors that were born from requests from many designers. CUT / luxury picture frame

How to use

By making the cross section strong, it is made to be able to handle sizes larger than A1.
It can be attached to various works such as photos / posters / contemporary art.
We have added a new color to the “CUT” that many professionals choose.

“Raw wood” does not have a coating, so it gradually turns white and dull with the passage of time. In addition, since it reflects the surrounding colors, the appearance changes depending on where it is placed.

 “ALUMIUM” is a premium picture frame series that utilizes our knowledge and technology from Aluna, which has been making aluminum picture frames for 50 years.

In addition to winning the GOOD DESIGN Award, this high-quality product line is chosen by architects, artists, photographers and many other professionals.

Rather than simply decorating the surroundings of the work, the wall itself on which the frame is placed is designed and produced so that it becomes a highly designed space.

Brand Direction: Yasuzumi Mitsuboshi


Shipping Countries: Slovenia, Lithuania, Denmark, Romania, Ireland, Belgium, United Kingdom (UK), North Macedonia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Switzerland, Monaco, France, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Portugal, Iceland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, United States (US), Canada, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Macao, Taiwan, Laos, Maldives, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia

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Minimum lot



mat silver, mat black, white, green lumber


A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, 80×60, 70×50, 60×50, 50×40, 30×30, 50×50, 70×70, order size

Production thickness

up to 5mm

Frame width





Anzumi Mitsuboshi

Country of origin


Time to ship

Within 14 days

We do not accept any changes to the product, including size and color, prior to receipt.

In addition, regarding the product after receipt, whether or not it can be exchanged depends on the reason.

As Le Marche Paris is an official shop, please understand that the policy differs depending on the brands handled due to sales consignment.

■ “The size does not fit”, “Different from the image”, “Wrong order”

Basically, we do not accept exchanges of products.

■ “There is a defect in the product”, “I received a product that I did not order”, “There is an error in the product details”

Basically, it is possible to correspond by exchanging with the same product.

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73,88 99999,00