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Bringing Japanese hospitality to the world's "OMOTENASHI brand"

OMOTENASHI Selection is a collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We started the award in 2015 with the desire to share these amazing products with the rest of the world.

This is a project that discovers people and companies that practice Japan’s world-class “hospitality”, as well as products and services born from their hearts, and continuously disseminates them both domestically and internationally.

The purpose of OMOTENASHI NIPPON is to spread awareness of the wonderfulness of Japanese products and services to people in and outside of Japan, starting with Japanese hospitality.

Brand list


A Mysterious Traditional Culture Sleeping in the Aizu Region Kitakata dyeing paper “Aizu type” “AIZUGATA×Graphics” is a project to commercialize attractive designs of Kitakata’s dyed paper “Aizu Kata”, which sleeps in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, in a modern style.


“aluna” will continue to create “sincerity products” that we provide wholeheartedly so that you can enjoy the “joy of decorating”.


“Artisan” products are made in Tsubame City, a town famous nationwide for craftsmanship. Its history dates back to the Edo period, and it is still a town where many craftsmen live. We are good at stainless steel processing technology centered on metal tableware, and the high level of our technology is recognized around the world. What is particularly striking is the “precision of manufacturing” and above all, the “good feel”. “Made in Tsubame” products have the beauty of a work of art, but also contain the craftsman’s desire to “use them every day.”

Feuille De Cocoon

Yoshimasa Co., Ltd. has served as a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of scarves and shawls in Yokohama, since its establishment in 1995. As Japan moved from the end of the shogunate into the Meiji era, Yokohama began exporting raw silk. exports of scarves flourished during the Showa era, with half of the world’s scarves said to be from Yokohama at its peak in 1976. This greatly contributed to the development of Japanese industry, but as fashion changed, this former glory has started to fade. We are one of a handful of companies that continues to carry on the tradition of the scarf industry in Yokohama.


Kaki’s own natural yeast draws out the natural fermentation power, and the rich nutritional ingredients of Kaki are carefully extracted into vinegar through fermentation over time. That way, depending on the characteristics of the kaki harvested that year, you can enjoy the natural taste, aroma, and sourness of the kaki vinegar that is unique to each year, just like wine or brandy. We provide carefully grown kaki vinegar to the world, facing the power and workings of nature and putting our thoughts on healthy and delicious eating habits.


Since our founding in 1989, we have continued to grow under the guidance of our customers. Our main business is the manufacture of precision machinery parts, and we plan, propose, and manufacture machine tool parts, dedicated machine parts, aircraft industry parts, and more. We have cutting edge machines, and we have received the support of our customers.


We are a company that manufactures and sells our own products. Round tip processing is adopted for all items By adopting an advanced rounded tip, even people with hypersensitivity can use it without feeling discomfort, and it is more gentle on teeth and gums. The comfort for children has doubled.

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weeping cherry paper and lacquer earrings

Front opening uniform case


Feuille De Cocoon DURE 55

African vivid 500004

Aged unpasteurized extra-virgin


standing ballpoint pen / KAGUYA

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