“Mizuhiki” to women around the world

Japanese traditional culture "Mizuhiki", auspicious knot accessories

About our brand

The “KEI” in the logo indicates the joy of congratulations and condolences, and was named with the hope that many blessings will come to you.

Japan has a culture of tying knots, so there are many knots that bring good luck.

It is lightweight and has a design that is a blend of Japanese and Western styles, so you can enjoy it regardless of age or season.

creating a gentle texture unique to handmade products that cannot be produced by machines.

Our brand history

It is characterized and differentiated by the use of “lightweight” accessories and some of the auspicious natural stones “power stones” for accessories.

Those who are concerned about the weight of accessories, especially the elderly, tend to give up on fashion due to the burden on their necks and shoulders.

The brand was launched with the desire for women to enjoy beauty and fashion forever.


We are particular about lightweight accessories such as necklaces that weigh around 5g.

We want you to enjoy Japanese-Western fusion.

For example, kanzashi is a very stylish accessory for clothes.


Since the Heian period, mizuhiki have been indispensable for Japanese celebrations and condolences.
We carefully create accessories one by one using auspicious knots with mizuhiki and auspicious natural stones.
Let women enjoy fashion even as they age

Item Lineup

Mizuhiki, ultra-lightweight necklace with Japanese beads A necklace that fits within 10g.
Auspicious knots are layered, and the openwork base has a detailed design.
It is a necklace that is lightweight at 9.84g and does not make you feel a burden on your neck.

Mizuhiki, necklace with power stone

It is a necklace that expresses Japaneseness with a wooden frame that holds down to 18.4g even with natural stones.

Mizuhiki, back charm with wooden frame power stone [crystal]
It is a back charm that can be used in various scenes regardless of the age, using a light wooden frame with a watermark and adding natural stones to three auspicious knots.


The Japanese traditional culture “Mizuhiki” is light and durable, and is carefully made one by one.
I would be happy if accessories made with beautiful mizuhiki could be useful not only in Japan but also in people around the world.
I hope that many blessings will come to those who have a relationship …

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