Knitted flowers, coloring every day

Art flower of delicate lace yarn spun by hand-knitting

About Ayane

The “crochet flower” that I create is an art flower created by interweaving delicate lace threads and deep affection.
Each petal, woven from a single thread, emits its own unique color and warmth, maintaining its unchanging beauty.
Unlike fresh flowers, the warmth never fades over the years.
We hope that “Crochet Flower” will bring a little special feeling and richness to your days.

Ayane’s history

I have always loved flowers.
Decorating the room with flowers, changing the water every morning, and thinking about the combination with the vase makes me feel rich.
However, I had a cat in my parents’ house who would eat the flowers, so I couldn’t decorate it easily.

Even after I left my parents’ house, on weekdays I was away from home until night due to work, and I was so busy that I didn’t have time to take care of it.
When I noticed, the flowers were withered… something like that.
Even if I looked for something to replace it, the artificial flowers and dried flowers were somehow rustling and I felt lonely.
Cute when you see it! I wish I could have a flower that doesn’t wither, and it’s exciting, and it’s warm.
With that in mind, I started making crochet flowers.

Item Lineup


There are many types of rose blooms.
This time, I made a model of a basic “high core bloom” rose.
“This is a rose!”, romantic “red”
“Pink” and “Yellow” are gradation colors spreading from the center.
I made many prototypes, focusing on how the outer petals spread gently.
The realistic silhouette leaves are also finished like a real rose.

Also, the calyx, leaves, and stems have wires inside, so you can adjust the direction and opening of the flowers as you like.


Colors: white / pink / light blue

It’s a lovely “campanula” with bell-shaped petals that make you almost hear the sound of a bell.
I added a small leaf and finished it very cute.
The flower core is creamy and uses glass beads.
The gentle colors of white, pink, and light blue blend well with other flowers even when placed in a bouquet.
There are wires inside the leaves and stems, so you can adjust the direction as you like.


Colors: light blue / pink purple / light purple / blue

Many small flowers come together to form one flower…
”Hydrangea” is kind of romantic, isn’t it?
It is a fragile and beautiful flower that makes you want to look at the sound of rain as background music.
There are wires in the petals, leaves, and stems, so you can adjust the direction and opening of the flowers as you like.

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