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Look at the world from a big point of view and move forward lightly and vividly

About Penemuan!

The products of Penemuan! are the scenery of the Goto Islands located at the western end of Japan, which became the foundation of the designer Ayumi Nishio, the diverse nature and people’s activities that I have seen and heard around the world as a marine observation technician, and the colors created by the earth. is spun from

 While traveling around the world, I cherish the sense of “balance” and “borderlessness” that I have strongly felt, and I would like you to feel the workings of nature through Penemuan!

And I want more people to believe in their own sensibilities, awaken their inner strength, and set themselves free.

Penemuan!’s history

Ever since I was little, I wanted to protect the beautiful earth. So she got a job to protect the earth. But it was difficult for me at the time to continue that career. I really noticed. That there are many people living richly and happily in the world. So I decided To live lightly and vividly. Keep moving forward.

 Penemuan! recognizes that both the great nature created by the earth and the culture created by people’s accumulated wisdom are irreplaceable things that make the world attractive. And everyone is free and expressive. You are who you are, no matter where you live or what you wear. That’s why I want you to enjoy life more freely. Don’t lose sight of what you cherish.

Product features

The clay used is a kind of plastic, but it is a wonderful material that enables free modeling.

It contains the desire to continue to use it for a long time without making it a waste of the earth.

In addition, “THE COPPER COLLECTION” uses copper, which has a very high existence value as an eco-material that emits little CO2 in the process from manufacturing to transportation and processing.


“Penemuan!” means “discovered!” in Indonesian.
Penemuan! hopes that you will discover two things when you wear our products.

One is to say that I want you to discover a different charm of you from yesterday. You have more than one charm. It has that kind of charm and that kind of charm. I would appreciate it if you could help me draw out your charm.

The other is to say that I want you to discover values from a slightly different point of view. Many problems in this world are intricately intertwined, and there are not many that can be solved easily. Even so, I want you to have a multifaceted perspective and discover values that you can convince yourself.

I would appreciate it if you could think about that even for just a moment when you wear the Penemuan!

Item Lineup


Gold color / Silver color



Message for all of you

The sensations you see, hear, smell, taste and touch are all true.
I want you to fully savor it.
“Then, that sense will be sharpened more and more, and confidence will well up.” be free
Let’s go out to the wide world with that feeling only for you.
“Set You Free” Unleash.

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