World travel themed accessories

Beauty is born at the moment when you cherish your own standard of likes

About choco jewel

These handmade accessories were inspired by the museums we visited while traveling around the world.
Designs related to each place overseas, each one has a name.
The casual yet elegant design makes it suitable for any occasion.

Without being bound by trends, we are honest with ourselves, choose our favorite designs based on our customer’s standards, and put our hearts into creating our products so that the appearance of wearing them with confidence will shine the most beautifully.

It features colors and designs that make customers feel bright and positive when wearing accessories.

It would be great if you could remember the joy you felt when you were young when you held treasures such as beads and marbles, and the excitement you never got tired of looking at them all day long.

choco jewel’s history

The launch of this brand was triggered by a Thai volunteer that I participated in when I was a university student.
As a volunteer, you will stay in a rural village in northern Thailand and interact with local students and villagers by doing construction work such as schools and doing recreational activities.    

After completing my volunteer work, I began to feel a growing desire to give back to all the people involved in my volunteer work who taught me important things in life, such as new values and the importance of being yourself.

And partly because I was interested in international cooperation, I participated in a round-the-world voyage to learn more about the wider world. I traveled around Asia, Africa, and South America for three and a half months, and then worked in Japan.

While working, I wanted to make use of my experience to connect with the world, and I have always loved art.

And I wanted people around the world to know and feel the scenery and people I met on my travels, and the beautiful countries that I have never seen before, so I incorporated the designs of each country into accessories.

Product features

The characteristic of accessories is that I design beautiful scenery of each country that inspired me and items related to that country, and each one has a title.

We make it so that customers can feel the beauty of the land every time they wear it.
The design is simple yet playful, so you can use it as a special icon for yourself that won’t overlap with others.

Item Lineup

Earrings in the colorful city of Caminito

Savanna Elephant Earrings

Gorgeous White Mosque Geometric Necklace

Message for all of you

We hope that you will be thrilled every time you find and attach your own favorite.

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